Introducing the HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

Iced coffee fans have a new reason to celebrate mornings. Thanks to the “HyperChiller,” a new at-home iced coffee maker, it’s now easier than ever to quickly make premium iced coffee from the comfort of home.

Hyperbius Inc., a South Florida-based consumer products company, announced today the launch of the HyperChiller ( Available for purchase online, the new reusable beverage product brings simplicity and convenience to making better iced coffee.

HyperChiller provides four unique, key benefits to improve the iced coffee-making process:

– No more waiting. The HyperChiller cools hot coffee to iced temperatures in one minute; eliminating the wait time with refrigeration or cold brewing.
– Preserves freshness, flavor and strength. With the HyperChiller, coffee retains its fresh-brewed flavor and original strength while achieving chilled perfection.
– Prevents dilution. HyperChiller cools hot coffee to iced temperatures without ever putting it in contact with ice that can melt and water down the beverage.
– Works with any coffee maker. HyperChiller is compatible with any coffee maker without restriction.

“The HyperChiller can chill hot, freshly brewed coffee by up to 130+ degrees in only 60 seconds,” Nick Anusbigian, inventor of the HyperChiller and president of Hyperbius, explains. “It’s reusable and easy to clean for a convenient way to quickly make iced coffee at home, again and again.”

The product features a patent-pending, multi-chamber design. Two chambers hold water for freezing and serve as the product’s cooling sources. The middle center chamber holds the coffee, separating it from the ice while it cools. The HyperChlller is able to cool up to 12.5 fluid ounces of coffee per use. Constructed of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, the HyperChiller is dishwasher safe and durable for repeated exposure to hot and freezing temperatures.

Using the HyperChiller is easy. Once frozen, the HyperChiller is ready to be filled with hot coffee. It’s conveniently designed to fit in most single-cup brewers for easy filling. For carafes, simply pour the coffee into the HyperChiller’s deep lid. Wait one minute for the coffee to cool. Then serve as desired.

The brainchild of Anusbigian, the HyperChiller was the result of his often frustrating pursuit of the perfect iced coffee. “Iced coffee practically runs through my veins,” Anusbigian states. “After years of overpaying at coffee shops, trying all the different time-consuming recipes at home and still settling for sub-par results, I was determined to find better way. The HyperChiller’s ability to prevent dilution and create fresh-brewed, full-strength iced coffee is my solution.”

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