Portland Roasting Coffee Launches Craft Single-Serve Coffee Line

PORTLAND, Ore., January 7, 2016 – Portland Roasting Coffee, a Portland-based, sustainable specialty coffee roaster, has launched its first-ever line of single-serve coffee cups. Portland Roasting Coffee’s single-serve cups are available in eight varieties including: Goose Hollow, Morning Blend, Organic French, Organic House, Organic Tanager’s Song, Portland House, French Roast and Vienna Decaf.
“Today’s on-the-go, busy lifestyle begs for convenience products, which is why single-serve coffee has seen remarkable growth in recent years,” said founder and managing partner Mark Stell. “While consumers demand convenience, they don’t want to sacrifice quality, providing Portland Roasting Coffee the opportunity to be the single-serve craft brand of choice.”
Portland Roasting is one of the only specialty roasters to control the single-serve process from bean sourcing to roasting to packing. The coffee and production teams spent months testing roast levels, grind size and dose ratios to deliver an extraordinary experience in every brew.
“Our single-serve cup contains more coffee than the average cup currently available, resulting in a stronger, more flavorful cup of coffee,” said Nathanael May, Director of Coffee for Portland Roasting. “We wanted to ensure that we were producing a higher quality product that results in a cup of coffee consumers would say is as good or better than coffee from a drip machine.”
Portland Roasting’s single-serve cups are fully recyclable, and the company is working on developing a fully biodegradable version.
“Given the amount of waste that single-serve cups produce, it was important to us that there was a sustainable packaging solution in sight before we entered the market,” said Stell. “While our current cups can be recycled, we’ve taken the next step to create a fully biodegradable solution.”
To further celebrate the launch of single-serve, Portland Roasting is launching its #DrinkLikeAPortlander campaign. The campaign encourages followers and fans of Portland Roasting to celebrate Portland’s world-class artisan beverage culture – from a cup of hot coffee to a cold pint of craft beer. Follow Portland Roasting on Instagram to find out more about giveaways and special deals for using the hashtag #DrinkLikeAPortlander.
Portland Roasting’s single-serve cups can be purchased online at www.portlandroasting.com or at major grocers.
About Portland Roasting
Since 1996, Portland Roasting Coffee has provided high-quality specialty coffees to independent coffee shops, grocers, restaurants and hotels. Their coffee has been grown with great care for the land, the laborers, and the legacy of their presence in local communities. Portland Roasting Coffee takes great pride in its farming partners and does all it can to support their growth and success. The coffee company’s commitment to farmers and environmental impact has resulted in an ever-growing list of global projects to improve life quality and environmental sustainability. When you enjoy a cup of Portland Roasting coffee, you join their mission to improve the world’s coffee growing regions.

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