Xeltron’s Green & Roasted Sorter

Andrea Castaneda - MAQ-9XR-141014--(8)-CMYKXeltron introduces its latest model that can sort both green and roasted coffee. By investing in just one machine, you will not only get the best green coffee sort in the market, but you’ll also be able to offer a more uniform and consistent roasted coffee selection to your clients, guaranteeing your brands prestige. Its dual purpose allows you accelerate the return on your investment and increase your yield. The new technology applies for both roller and chute models: the roller sorters comes in 1 to 9 channels, perfect for starters or larger roasters, sorting from 166 Kg. to 2100 Kg/hour; the chute models comes in 6, 15 and 21 channels, sorting from 1200 Kg to 5700 Kg/hour.  With over 41 years in the coffee industry, Xeltron offers the best choice in color sorting machines, always in constant development and always using the latest technological advances available in the industry.

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