NuZee, Inc. Partners With Custom Sales To Expand Coffee Blenders® Single Serve & Pour-Over Distribution

VISTA, Calif., Jan. 4, 2017 — NuZee, Inc. (OTC: NUZE) (“NuZee” or “Coffee Blenders ®”) is excited to start the new year by announcing its partnership with the Custom Sales & Marketing team. As a specialty foods broker, the Michigan company will take Coffee Blenders’ revolutionary line of functional and organic coffee to the next level and push the brand throughout the Midwest region.

Providing both unique marketing and targeted sales strategies, the brokerage plans on creating strong partnerships between Coffee Blenders’ and the 2000 plus accounts of chain retailers as well as key independent grocers they service and supply. This enables the Coffee Blenders brand to leave a lasting impression across Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Custom Sales & Marketing’s understanding of today’s specialty food trends began with organic and natural foods and now spans to lifestyle foods as well as functional foods and beverages. They educate customers and grocers on these food trends and are known to consistently bring in innovative, creative product solutions. Custom Sales & Marketing represents popular companies with products ranging from organic salty snacks to fair trade coffee and tea. With specialty foods as their specialty, the company’s portfolio also consists of deep fried chocolate, sweet craft beer, gluten-free protein snacks, and now Coffee Blenders’ gourmet Arabica, dark roast coffee.

This collaboration is the perfect setting for the Coffee Blenders line to soon emerge as a national coffee brand. The brokerage will oversee the on-premise management of some of Coffee Blenders’ current accounts within the region and break ground with new retailers. They will assist with presenting new items, planning and managing promotions and providing consumer and retailer feedback and support for the entire line of functional single-serve cups and the first-to-market pour over drip cups.

Coffee Blenders’ momentum continues to grow as this collaboration follows the recent news of partnerships and distribution deals the company secured with D.C Scott & Associates Food Brokerage, Inc., United Naturals Foods, Inc. and KeHE Distributors, LLC.

About Coffee Blenders:

NuZee, Inc. was founded in 2012 with the vision of creating a new and unique way to experience and enjoy craft coffee. Coffee Blenders ® is the pioneer in functional coffee. By blending nutraceuticals into a dark roast Arabica blend, Coffee Blenders’ focus is to give each item a unique function to fit the on-the-go lifestyle of millennials.

Coffee Blenders LEAN Cup contains 400mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract to promote healthy weight loss. Coffee Blenders THINK Cup has 200mg of American Ginseng to increase cognitive performance. Coffee Blenders RELAX Cup contains 200mg of L-Theanine to help reduce stress and anxiety. Coffee Blenders ACTIVE Cup contains 300mg of Alpha-GPC to boost workout performance. Coffee Blenders NUDE Drip Cup is the first single serve pour-over coffee on the market in the United States. Coffee Blenders’ NUDE Cup means organic Arabica coffee with no function, just great coffee.

Combining innovation with convenience and functional coffee, NuZee is at the forefront of creating a new coffee sub-category for the outdoor, active and fitness-minded millennial consumer.

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About Custom Sales & Marketing

As a specialty food broker, Custom Sales & Marketing provides sales, marketing and merchandising solutions for clients across multiple channels of trade. They possess the ability and experience to connect products and programs with customers’ and operators’ needs. Their targeted approach to building brands while staying focused on business objectives establishes long term growth and partnerships.

The Custom Sales and Marketing team creates opportunities with a fresh, innovative, next level approach to getting product to the end user. They champion trends and innovations from all sectors including specialty, gourmet, premium, imports, organics, all natural, gluten free, ethnic influence, lifestyle foods, healthy diet and nutrition, health and wellness, functional foods and beverages and fresh foods.

By customizing tailor-made solutions, they achieve results and take products to the next level. Custom Sales & Marketing gives personal commitment to quality service at headquarter, store and operator level to deliver results. They are experts in creating opportunities and solutions for brands, while adding value to the customer.

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SOURCE NuZee, Inc.

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