George Sifalda - FCC with whole beansFive Cups Coffee, a United States-based coffee innovator, developer, and distributor with a commitment to harvesting organic, naturally sourced coffee beans in pursuit of the best tasting products out there, this week officially launched their Swiss Water Decaf Coffee: the word’s finest decaf coffee for all coffee drinkers who love more than one cup of coffee per day.

Borne from a passion for making coffee consumption as healthy and sustainable as possible, Five Cups Coffee’s latest product is a specialty grade coffee comprised of only whole coffee beans sourced from organic international farms.

“We want our consumers to know that by drinking coffee with us, they’re consuming the world’s best and most organic decaf coffee out there today,” said George Sifalda, Founder and Owner of Five Cups Coffee. “This is a new coffee that is designed with the frequent coffee-drinker in mind, developed with decaffeinated coffee so drinkers can return for three, four, even five cups of this delicious java every single day.”

Decaf coffee has been proven to reduce the risk of premature death or diabetes while still being able to enjoy the taste of great coffee. Additionally, decaf prevents the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, reduces the risk of rectal cancer, improves the drinker’s memory, mood, and mental function, and improves the drinker’s overall metabolism.

Five Cups Coffee’s Swiss Water Decaf Coffee is comprised of microlot coffee that is handpicked from farms in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. The beans are 100% Arabica beans, proven to provide all the benefits of drinking coffee without any health detriments. The finished product is 100% chemical-free and decaffeinated to leave hearth rhythms and blood flow static and intact.

Though Swiss Water Decaf Coffee is of the decaffeinated variety, the new brand embodies a naturally unique taste that is unobtainable with any other kind of coffee production company.

“We favor quality over quantity here, which is why our product is naturally sourced and handpicked, one bean at a time,” said Sifalda. “It’s not about how much we can make – it’s about the finished result, and we’re committed to providing coffee enthusiasts with a great-tasting decaf coffee they’re going to want to enjoy multiple times throughout their busy schedules. Coffee doesn’t have to be an elusive, forbidden treat enjoyed in the wee early morning hours anymore.”

Swiss Water Decaf Coffee comes in unique, preserved packaging that is designed to make the product long lasting and durable. The plastic, zip-locked packaging provides users with the ability to seal their beans in an airtight compartment so the coffee product is as fresh and pristine as ever when it’s time to make the coffee.

Five Cups Coffee is a USDA organic and certified trade entity. With every cup of coffee purchased from their business, money is redistributed back into the hands of environmentally conscious farmers who are doing their part to sustainably farm the land, sans chemicals.

“We currently have a deal available in which a 10% discount is applied to customers whom purchase two or more of our new product,” said Sifalda. “We want to encourage everyone to make a commitment to this kind of sustainable coffee consumption. Spread the word on the launch of our new product, and head on over to our website to learn more about our business commitments, core principles, and passions regarding sustainable farming and coffee development.”

Five Cups Coffee is offering their Swiss product on Amazon, providing a 100% money-back guarantee to individuals who are not satisfied with the product. The Swiss Water Decaf Coffee can also be obtained on their comprehensive platform.

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