Dixie Launches Site Offering Free, 3D Printed, Customizable Coffee-Stoppers

Actors that nail that performance on the Silver Screen take home an Oscar. Scientists that mastermind a scientific breakthrough earn a Nobel Prize. But for the millions of Americans who crush small tasks on a daily basis like a school carpool with four screaming kids, what do they get? How about a free, customized coffee-stopper from Dixie To Go cups!

To kick off 2017, Dixie To Go cups, built for the millions of coffee drinking Americans who crush their mornings, wants to make sure that no small feat of awesomeness goes unnoticed. Dixie has launched a first-of-its kind web and mobile-optimized site called The Crushtomizer specifically designed to let these morning dominators flaunt how they crush it by easily designing their very own, customized, 3D printed coffee stopper – for free. Soccer moms, carpool dads, gym rats, PowerPoint aficionados, the list of worthy recipients goes on and on. The site is available at: http://www.crushtomizer.com/

Who wouldn’t want a coffee stopper with a fist-throwing lightning bolt with the words “Email Ace” or a flexing bicep with the words “Yoga Diva?” With The Crushtomizer, Dixie To Go, known for its leak-resistant lid and super sturdy design, is setting a new standard in coffee-stopper technology with customization and 3D printing.

With 60 percent of households brewing a hot beverage at home and taking it on-the-go, there’s an unmet need for this state-of-the-art technology. The Crushtomizer allows people to choose from a suite of designs, colors and word combos. Upon completion, consumers can share their masterpiece across social media and their stopper design is beamed to a small-batch, high-volume 3D printing facility where it’s created in real-time and shipped to them for free.

Open on weekdays through February 13, stock is limited to a few hundred stoppers per day, after which The Crushtomizer “closes shop” before reopening the following day with fresh stock at 10:30am EST. The Crushtomizer is part of Dixie’s larger “Cup For Crushing It” campaign, supported by film, promoted social GIFs and videos.

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