Flavors Mix New Energy Into Re-designed All-Natural pureLYFT Caffeine Stir Sticks

pureLYFT is an all-natural, zero calorie Energy Stir Stick which allows you to add CLEAN CAFFEINE® into any beverage of your choice – water, juice, smoothie or even into your coffee or tea for an extra boost of caffeine.

pureLYFT is available in its original, neutral flavor, plus lemon-lime, mixed berry and orange. The Energy Stir Sticks deliver 125mg of CLEAN CAFFEINE® and provides the same amount of caffeine as in a 12-ounce cup of coffee. It supplies clean energy through natural caffeine from green coffee bean extract with Vitamins A and B complex. The packaging gives the consumer the option to either stir or pour pureLYFT into their beverage to allow for adaptability across any and all drink densities.

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