Cuvée Coffee Enters 2018 with A New Redesigned Can and Production Facility

Cuvée Coffee, an Austin-based company known for its nitrogen-infused cold brew, is ushering in the new year with a whole new look and state-of-the-art facility to provide the same great tasting Nitro Cold Brew Coffee consumers have grown to love. The expansion will further position Cuvée Coffee as the leader in the Nitro Cold Brew category by incorporating innovations to its brewing process along with its new can design.

Handcrafted by coffee-obsessed people in Austin, Texas, Cuvée Coffee introduced the world’s first canned nitro cold brew in 2014 that featured a black-eyed troublemaker. The name and design are both to be retired in 2018 for a simpler look and message. The new Nitro Cold Brew will feature the same unadulterated caffeine kick as Black & Blue, but with an informative design that highlights the brand story and key product attributes such as the low calorie count and no added sugar content. Along with the new packaging, the new 11,000 sq. ft. production facility will help improve efficiency and give more control over variables including temperature control, concentration and Nitrogen saturation to create a consistent product year-round.

“We made it our mission more than a decade ago to bring craft coffee home to Texas, and we’re proud to say we were the first to can nitro cold brew,” said Mike McKim, CEO and Founder of Cuvée Coffee. “With our new production facility and redesigned can, we’re committed to continuing to bring customers extraordinary products and flavors.”

Cuvée Nitro Cold Brew is available in all Whole Foods locations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas, as well as select Texas locations of H-E-B, Central Market, Target, Snap Kitchen, Verts, and local independent grocery stores for a suggested retail price of $3.99. For more information, please visit and @cuveecoffee.

About Cuvée Coffee
Since 1998, Cuvée Coffee became known for roasting exceptional, ethically sourced coffee beans. Then came Cuvée Nitro Cold Brew, the first nitrogen infused cold brew coffee on the market. Superiorly handcrafted by coffee-obsessed people in Austin, Texas, Cuvée Nitro Cold Brew has been around longer than cold brew has been on the lips of coffee nerds everywhere. It’s the perfect cold drink for hot weather, late nights, early mornings, and every time in between. It’s subtle, delicious and goes down smoothly – partly because the coffee is that good and partly because nitrogen adds a creaminess and sweetness that straight cold brew lacks, with no added ingredients. Cuvée Coffee is brewed cold, at a chilly 36 degrees, year round to provide a consistent product no matter what the Texas weather brings. Undeniably dedicated to their craft and refusing to compromise on quality, Cuvée Coffee continues to lead the Nitro Cold Brew category. For more information, please visit and @cuveecoffee.

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