A crisis beater for the coffee industry.

London, United Kingdom – 2013 – TheCoffeeLocator have launched the world’s first online coffee market place: allowing anyone, anywhere in the world, to sell their coffee products to anyone, anywhere in the world.
The vast majority of coffee producers are independent family run businesses without the resource to successfully market their coffee domestically or internationally. In an industry hit by the current financial crisis, TheCoffeeLocator’s market place allows any coffee producer to create their own ecommerce stall and start selling their products worldwide in just a few clicks: and at the moment this is all for free at thecoffeelocator.com

Company profile

In Italy alone 75% coffee exports are from the big 3 producers (Lavazza, KJS Kraft, Cafe Do Brasil). Mike Fitzpatrick founded TheCoffeeLocator in August 2012 to get ALL independent retailers selling their coffee online, reaching the market that their coffee deserves, whilst at the same time bringing new tastes to coffee lovers around the world.
Company founder quote –“I spend a lot of time in Italy, and I wanted a way of making the excellent coffees I was tasting every day, known around the world” Mike Fitzpatrick, Founder

For more information:

Open your store – http://thecoffeelocator.com
View one of our online seller stores – http://thecoffeelocator.com/market/vendor/9-caffe-bonani
Benefits of the coffee locator – http://thecoffeelocator.com/info/why-you-should-be-on-the-coffee-locator
E-mail: fede@thecoffeelocator.com


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