Stockton Graham & Co. ® Launches New Website for Dilworth Coffee ™ Brand.

New website at offers more brand history, retailer tools, licensee information and ecommerce.

Raleigh, NC – Jeff Vojta, co-founder and President of Stockton Graham & Co., a specialty coffee roaster and wholesale beverage, equipment and accessory distributor located in Raleigh, NC, announced the launch of a redesigned website for the Dilworth Coffee brand.
The new Dilworth Coffee website tells the history of the brand, gives entrepreneurs information on how to become a Dilworth Coffeehouse licensee, provides marketing tools and other information to stores that sell Dilworth Coffee, enables users to map their closest Dilworth Coffeehouse, and offers an updated ecommerce platform for Dilworth Coffee lovers to be able to order their favorite Dilworth Coffee online to enjoy at home.
Longtime Dilworth residents, Don and Alyene Keen brought fresh, locally roasted coffees to the Charlotte area in November 1989 when Dilworth Coffee, Charlotte’s original specialty coffee house, opened in the historic Dilworth neighborhood. The Keen’s passion was to provide exceptional tasting coffees by sourcing the finest beans in the world and small batch roasting to highlight each coffee’s natural flavor, as well as ensure unparalleled quality and freshness. Today, Dilworth Coffee is Charlotte’s oldest specialty coffee brand, and Stockton Graham & Co. is proud to uphold this long-standing Charlotte coffee tradition.
“The new website tells a more comprehensive story of the Dilworth Coffee brand,” said Vojta. “We are proud to provide online tools to help coffeehouses and cafés that sell Dilworth Coffee build successful coffee businesses, and the site also give us an opportunity to offer more information to entrepreneurs about the Dilworth Coffee Licensee Program.”
For more information about Dilworth Coffee™, visit the new website at .
If you are interested in owning a Dilworth Coffeehouse or adding a Dilworth Coffee kiosk or cart to an existing business, send email to
To purchase Dilworth Coffee for your coffeehouse, café or restaurant, call Stockton Graham & Co. at 800-835-5943.
About Stockton Graham Co.®:
Founded in 1994, Stockton Graham & Co. is a specialty coffee roaster and wholesale beverage, equipment and accessory distributor located in Raleigh, NC committed to helping specialty retailers build superior and successful coffee businesses. Stockton Graham & Co. is nationally known for roasting great coffee, developing customized specialty coffee and beverage programs, providing operators the keys to building enduring specialty coffee businesses, creating and promoting coffee industry standards and trends, and offering customers unsurpassed knowledge and tools to serve quality coffees and other hand-crafted specialty drinks. For more information about Stockton Graham & Co.® and its products, or to place an order, call 800-835-5943 or visit


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