New Blendtec® Stealth® Blender Sees Success In Commercial Settings.

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A flood of praise greets Blendtec’s newest commercial blending innovation.

OREM, UTAH, USA – February 6, 2013 – In 2012 Blendtec released its new Stealth blender to a limited number of test operations, declaring the Stealth as the quietest, most advanced commercial blender anywhere. After months of real-world operation and testing, Blendtec is pleased to announce that the Stealth has met or exceeded every expectation and is now available for full-scale distribution.
“The Stealth blender makes smoothies at the decibel level of normal conversation,” says Tom Dickson, Blendtec founder. “The Stealth is the most powerful, versatile Blendtec blender in any environment, and it’s also the quietest blender in the world.”
The new blender , which will be on display at industry trade shows such as the NAFEM Show in Orlando, FL, gives foodservice professionals the best of both worlds: the strongest, most versatile blender on the market that can also be used in environments where sound is an important consideration.
The Stealth blender offers new opportunities for eateries, cafés, coffee shops, and commercial kitchens everywhere, allowing them to expand their menus without disrupting their customers’ experience.
Praise from the Field
Among the first to test the new Stealth blender was Beans and Brews Coffee House, established in 1993 and comprising 25 locations. Beans and Brews operates a high-volume blended drink program, with each location serving up to 250 blended drinks a day. Sarah Blue, Vice President of Operations, reports that the Stealth “blended product excellently, reduced sound, and was programmable to our preferred settings.”
Blue says that after testing the Stealth for a little over 7 months, Beans and Brews has not experienced any reduction or inconsistencies in blending performance. “The machine has been very reliable and easy to use. We believe this is a great product and would recommend it for commercial use.”
Roxberry Juice Co. a fast-growing smoothie bar franchise, has another fan of the new Stealth blender. Tami Cutler, owner of the Roxberry in Draper, Utah, appreciates the Stealth’s proprietary sound-reducing technology. “We started our smoothie business with four blenders. To us, when the volume was high it meant that business was humming and it sounded like a smoothie shop. Adding the quieter Stealth made a big difference. Now when we take orders, we can actually hear our customers!”
Cutler also cited benefits of the Stealth blender’s other technological advancements. “We liked the slide finger-touch panel. It not only is fun to use but it definitely looks high tech. You feel like you have more control than ever.”
Quiet—only part of the story
The Stealth blender includes the latest proprietary sound-management and airflow innovations and offers a host of other advances never before seen in the commercial-blending marketplace.
An illuminated control surface with a capacitive touch interface brings commercial blenders into the twenty-first century. The control panel also features a manual slider for precise speed adjustments.
In addition to the intuitive controls, Blendtec customers can customize the Stealth using the Blend Wizard™ web app to create unique blend cycles for specific recipes. The cycles can then be quickly loaded onto one or an entire fleet of Stealth blenders via a USB drive.
Value for the foodservice industry

  • Powerful blending at the sound level of normal conversation
  • Simple, intuitive touch controls
  • One of the smallest footprints in its class
  • Fully customizable one-touch blend cycles
  • Blend Wizard web app for creating customized blend cycles and profiles online
  • Easy USB programming across an entire fleet of Stealth blenders

Tom Dickson highlights the need in the commercial marketplace for the Stealth blender’s advanced technology. “Businesses have been craving these innovations, and we’re excited to be the first to deliver them,” he says. “Foodservice professionals can now expand their menus and offer incredible custom-blended food and drinks to their customers. And it doesn’t hurt that the Stealth is aesthetically amazing.”
About Blendtec
Blendtec manufactures industry-leading commercial blenders and dispensers for foodservice applications as well as commercial-grade blenders and appliances for home use. The award-winning Will It Blend? ® Internet video series ( demonstrates the amazing performance of Blendtec’s blender technology and has raised awareness across the globe of the Blendtec brand. Sold in 90 countries, Blendtec products offer the total solution for anyone’s blending needs, both in home and business. For more information go to, or call Blendtec directly at 800-748-5400.

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