Tipu’s Chai ™ Reduces Carbon Footprint.

Tipu’s Chai founder Bipin Patel uses an heirloom family recipe for his chai spice blend, and evaluates each of his business practices through the lens of how it can contribute to a healthier environment. Before launching his newest product Tipu’s Chai Now™ Sweet & Spicy, Patel and his team wanted to find a way to create a liquid concentrate – without the liquid. “Liquid concentrate production and consumption generates huge numbers of plastic bottles and tetra packs each year, many of which will end up in landfills,” said Patel. “By shipping a liquid product, producers are essentially transporting water around the country.” In an effort to reduce Tipu’s carbon footprint and maintain the company’s commitment to sustainability, Patel created a dry product that café owners can use to make their very own Tipu’s Chai concentrate. “Tipu’s will provide the reusable bottle and the chai – you just add water.” For more information, visit tipuschai.com.

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