Weldon Tea/Water Flavorings Back Again to Cool Off this Summer!

[wpg width=”300″ height=”300″ align=”right”]Weldon Flavorings is once again offering its Innovative, Natural and Unsweetened flavorings for your Iced Tea and Water program. With Spring and Summer just around the corner Coffee and Tea shops can offer their customers great tasting Iced Tea and Water in six different flavors.
Your customers can enjoy wonderfully refreshing Flavored Iced Tea or Water.  These unique Flavorings are Natural and contain no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.   Weldon’s concentrated Tea and Water Flavorings add pure liquid flavor.  They now come in 6 flavors: Blueberry, Guava Passion Fruit Mango, Mint, Raspberry, Mango Orange Passion Fruit, and Peach.  They can be purchased individually or with an attractive counter caddy, The Weldon Gourmet Flavor Station™, to hold your customers three favorite flavors.
The pre-measured pump dispensing system allows for quick and accurate flavoring.  Just add 1 pump to each 4 oz. of beverage.  The 4 oz bottle flavors approximately 59 sixteen oz. cups of iced tea or water.  They are also available in 16 oz bottles for refilling or flavoring larger quantities.
These flavorings can be used any place iced tea is served: coffee and tea  shops, restaurants, offices, or drive-thrus.  Weldon Tea/Water Flavorings can be purchased online at www.WeldonFlavorings.com
For additional product information, contact Weldon Flavorings at info@weldonflavorings.com or (502) 797-2937.

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