Advice for Restaurateurs: “Coffee is Not an Afterthought”

Artisan Blends from Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Suit Every Menu

RENO, Nev. (Jan 30, 2014) — “Coffee is not an afterthought,” says roaster Tim Curry of Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee. “Coffee is the final thing you taste at a restaurant. That’s the taste they’re walking to the car with in their mouth.”

Tim adds, “When people go out to eat, regardless of whether it’s a belly bomb burger or fine dining, if you can give them something more than the ordinary for no extra charge, this is a good thing.” Especially when that good thing is a last impression made by a cup of richly complex artisan coffee.

Tim roasts his coffee in a traditional Italian oak-wood-fired roaster, coaxing nuanced flavor profiles from each varietal or blend. He crafts each batch for traits such as notes of dark or milk chocolate, wisps of apple or honeydew, a floral aroma, or a mouthfeel that resembles orange oil or cream. Whatever the occasion, there’s a perfect blend to pair with any menu item, from breakfast to burgers, cookies to crepes.

Tim’s Tips — What restaurants need to know about ordering coffee:

  • Freshness is key: Order no more than a 2-week supply at a time
  • Always order whole bean coffee: Grind in-house for a fresher-tasting cup
  • Invest in a quality coffee program: Free equipment loans aren’t always your best bet; they can get you locked into contracts and obligate you to subpar coffee.

Tim also offers expert advice to restaurant managers on establishing a coffee program and custom coffee menu to help maximize their return on investment. He often fields advice such as “I want to do a coffee special this weekend, coffee in French press, done at the table, how can we get that done?” or “We want the ability toupsell.” He’ll help customize the right solution for each restaurant’s needs.

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