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Why bother to read yet another industry magazine? Aren’t you busy enough just trying to get through your never-ending in-box? You have deadlines, projects, trade-shows to book, employees to hire, train, fire. Sales goals to meet, production headaches, taxes! Why in the world would you take the time to stop and read yet another magazine? WHY?

Because those who have the best information will be the economic champions. Keeping up-to-date on issues facing your company and the industry will help you to plan more effectively. Knowing about the latest technology can help you improve your efficiency. Knowing about the new and innovative products can give you the edge over your competition. Because all of us are forever students and part of being a professional is the continual learning process.

However the reality still exists, there is simply not enough time in the day. Thus CoffeeTalk provides fast, essential information that keeps you on top of the industry and products without all of the fluff that would waste your time. We have too much respect for our readers! Below you will find our new monthly columns and a quick overview of which are most appropriate to the various industry segments.

Because you are so busy, here are the highlights on what you will find inside…

Our Lead Feature: Blended Beverages – Health is the name of the game this year and frozen and functional beverages may just be the healthiest option you can focus on for your bottom line retailers!

  • The Voice – 25 year industry veteran, Linda Smithers, shares her vision of the next necessary step for the future of our industry.
  • Coffee Chemistry – Joseph Rivera tells us the real purpose of caffeine.
  • Roasters Rock – Rocky Rhodes compares the people in our industry to a cup of coffee. See if you agree on his Q-Score.
  • NAMA Emerging Leaders – NAMA is leading the way on securing the future of their industry with focused collaboration between the established and next generations, something NCA and SCAA could learn from.
  • Marketing Miracles – Mike Dabadie shows us “miracles” are up to us to create.
  • The Last Mile – Thoughts of a Master Barista – Giorgio Milos reminds all of us we must connect the dots from what happens at the farm to the cup right in front of us and that no detail is too small.
  • On the Shoulders of Giants – In the first of this series of articles we profile the individual responsible for turning gourmet coffee from a loss leader into a quality profit producer, forever changing our industry. Industry Giant, Phil Johnson.
  • Startup Strategies – Greg Ubert shows how trying to save money in the wrong way will lose customers several times over.
  • NAMA Medical Mission – An inspirational story of how a small group of volunteers brought a brighter future to the pickers on Santa Elena’s Costa Rica coffee farm.
  • Retailer/Roaster Profile – This month Max Vershinin tells us Booskerdoo Coffee Company’s real secret to success.
  • The Power of Good – Siri Khalsa brings powerful information for retailers and roasters to use in their marketing on the health benefits of coffee.


February Thought
[quote cite=”Napoleon Hill”]Action is the real measure of intelligence.[/quote]

Remember the SCAA board elections are coming up. If you are a member take the time to learn about the candidates, issues, and make an informed decision that will help our association become the best it can be.


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