Caffé Mokarabia, The Italian Art of Good Taste, now extends to United States. La Dotta Coffee Importers Brings Iconic Milanese Coffee to Chicago

(CHICAGO, IL) La Dotta Coffee Importers, owned and operated by coffee aficionado William Lucas, has developed a partnership with Italy’s most exclusive coffee: Caffé Mokarabia.

Logo-MokarabiaCaffé Mokarabia is an iconic Milanese coffee brand, focused on creating the highest-quality blends for the upper echelon Ho.Re.Ca [Hotel, Restaurants, and Catering] market. At the head of Mokarabia is Marco Zanetti, the 7th generation owner in a family coffee dynasty dating back to 1700. Access to such coffee no longer requires a flight to Italy, as Mokarabia has begun a partnership with La Dotta Coffee Importers of Lake Forest, IL.

“I was first inspired to bring the authentic Italian coffee experience to the United States after studying abroad at Loyola University’s Rome Campus many years ago”, says Lucas. “Upon gradating, I moved back to Italy in search of the premier Italian coffee and found it in Mokarabia.”

Mokarabia President is a blend of 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. Each coffee in the blend is meticulously cultivated and processed according to Zanetti family specifications, to ensure we can enjoy the most superior coffee blends and savor the most intense aromas and flavors. The meticulously selected beans are then individually and carefully slow-roasted in a special process that roasts the beans uniformly to each coffee’s optimum characteristic.

Mokarabia colToday in Bologna, Italy [pioneers of the modern day “coffee culture”] Mokarabia’s own tradition lives on. Caffé Mokarabia enjoys a reputation as a world-class brand with historical distinction. Mokarabia is served in over 20,000 coffee bars and restaurants throughout Italy. Bologna is now home to Mokarabia’s corporate offices and modern coffee-roasting plant, where over 11,200 metric tons of coffee are roasted annually. Mokarabia also has offices in England, France, Germany, Sweden, and many other European countries. La Dotta Coffee Importers is your exclusive source for Mokarabia coffee in the United States.

“As we move into the Chicago market, we are excited to partner with fine restaurants, coffee bars, and boutique hotels in order to spread the ideals of art, community, and family that are paramount within the Italian coffee culture. We also hope to bring it to you first hand when we open Mokarabia’s flagship U.S. coffee bar later in 2014.”

For more information, contact William Lucas at or at 847.457.4278.

PrintMokarabia’s premier blends are not just available in fine restaurants and coffee bars; they can be purchased in specialty stores and markets, as well as our eShop. For a listing of retail locations near you, visit

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La Dotta Coffee Importers is owned and operated by William Lucas. William is a dedicated coffee aficionado, who has spent years learning the art of Italian coffee alongside Mokarabia in Rome and Bologna, Italy. As a family-run business, La Dotta Coffee Importers personifies Italy’s concept of La Famiglia. La Dotta Coffee Importers are enthusiastic about sharing their intense passion for coffee with you. We supply a full range of Mokarabia coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and branded merchandise and extend our service and partnership to restaurants, cafes, coffee bars, offices, hotels and the like. Think of La Dotta Coffee Importers as your coffee, hot beverage, and equipment partner!


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