Lavu iPad POS Aims to Offer Business Intelligence With New Reporting

Recognizing reports are the backbone to well-informed business decisions, Lavu Inc. has added an entirely new interface, controls, and visual data comparisons to its iPad POS system.

LavuIpadAlbuquerque, NM (PRWEB) February 13, 2014 – As any successful business owner understands, reporting is crucial, whether the business needs to know the best sellers for a week or what the daily totals are for an entire month. As Emmanuel Dossetti, owner of Zinque Restaurant, says, “Reports are essentials because they give us a snapshot of our business at any moment with sales numbers and units and employee activity.”

Lavu iPad POS is taking another step towards the goal of becoming a truly comprehensive management software tool for the hospitality industry. There are many features within the reports themselves that give detailed information to the business. These adjustment options help the user get an understanding of daily, monthly and even yearly operations, to track the growth and changes of any organization over different time periods and other criteria.

As Ben Eckenroed of Lumpys South expressed, “I’m really excited about the new reports. There are many more options and ways to dissect the data.”

The goal for Lavu iPad POS was simple: identify the reports that are most valuable and work with businesses to maximize that data. By this approach Lavu iPad POS was able to find an effective way to allow for a more in-depth, precise reporting experience. Lavu’s new reporting approach aims to give businesses a way to effectively understand the information specific to their needs. The existing Lavu Pilot application allows the user to view reports on-the-go and will continue to be supported with real-time data.

Corey Fiala, CTO of Lavu Inc., stated about the new reporting, “Our new reports let you request data by a diverse set of criteria. A manager or owner can really drill down with precision to see what they need, and better understand how the information and different reports are related to each other.”

With the redesigned reporting process paired with Lavu Pilot, a business gets a rich and convenient view of their activity. The reporting feature located in the users admin control panel has new navigation controls and visuals representing sales and payment information. Additional interface changes include comparison charts representing a variety of totals, producing clear trends for informed planning and operational changes.

Lavu iPad POS has added another major functionality improvement in its mission to become a complete management tool for any size of business.

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