Eagle Packaging Machinery introduces all-in-one case or tray forming and packing solution for retail and ship-ready trays

Tray Pack_2A typical case or tray packing line requires multiple machines to form, pack and seal cases or trays; however Eagle’s Case/Tray Packing System ALL-IN-ONE solution takes a flat blank and discharges a shelf or pallet-ready package.

By replacing three or four machines, the Case/Tray Packer not only uses significantly less space, it also reduces the owner’s carbon footprint by requiring less energy. The Tray Packing System allows you to reduce cost on each package by using flat die-cut tray blanks. In many cases, the system can pay for itself in less than one year and eliminates repetitive injury claims.

Designed with a compact footprint, this system is built for tuck, tape, or glue applications and features size changeover in minutes without tools. Using a gripper, the servo-driven “Pick and Place” loading mechanism ensures gentle loading and smooth product handling in many different pack patterns. Simple or Multi-Axis Robotic arm loader is available if the project requires it.

Fully enclosed and built in a heavy duty welded tubular frame, Eagle’s Case/Tray Packer can produce fully packaged products at speeds up to 20 cycles per minute. With a flexible design, each system is built to accommodate the specific size range of each customer. Capable of running corrugated and chipboard blanks.

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