Vegware create world’s first compostable 6oz cup and lid combo for flat white coffee trend

Vegware, the completely compostable packaging firm, has created the world’s first and only compostable 6oz cup and lid combo to meet the global trend for smaller coffees like the flat white and long black.

Vegware founder, Joe Frankel said, “We’ve created the 6oz cup and lid because we can see the demand coming. Coffees are getting smaller and more intense, with baristas inspired by stronger continental coffees and the antipodean love for the flat white. As ever, other packaging companies will follow suit once they see the demand, but we see it as our role to lead the market.”

Vegware’s innovative sip-through lid is made of high heat cornstarch – the same low carbon bioplastic used to line the cups, but strengthened for hot use up to 85°C. Vegware’s original 8 and 12oz compostable cup lids were market firsts in 2009, winning the Caterer and Hotelkeeper Excellence Awards.

The white 6oz cups are made from sustainably sourced board, printed with food-safe ink and are odourless and taste-free. Lined with cornstarch, not plastic, the cups are completely compostable and designed to be recycled with food waste.

Ben Townsend from The Espresso Room (Time Out’s best coffee in London), said, “Vegware cups give the performance of a traditional paper cup, with the bonus of compostability and minimal impact on the flavour of the coffee”.

Vegware’s innovative new 6oz cup and lid combo comes at a time of debate in the café industry about the requirement for smaller 4oz and 6oz coffee cups, and the availability of lids for them. With current market trends for less milk and water with coffee servings, like those served in continental Europe, artisan coffee shops are demanding a smaller cup.

Many packaging manufacturers make wide-brimmed 6oz cups to fit their existing 8oz lids so as to avoid investing in tooling for new lids. However, a wider brim makes for a shorter 6oz cup. Latte art is easier with a taller body of espresso to pour the milk into and shorter 6oz cups are unpopular with café owners.

Commenting on this, Vegware’s Frankel said, “We invested in the tooling for a 6oz lid for exactly the reason that the product needs to look in proportion. Our 6oz cups are a sweet shape – tapered, not dumpy – and we have invested a considerable sum in making a lid to compliment them.”

Run from its Edinburgh HQ, Vegware is now a global brand with operations in the UK, US, South Africa, Australasia and now UAE, with a Europe-wide network of distribution partners from Iceland to Portugal. UK clients range from the biggest contract caterers and food distributors through to government offices, NHS units and independent artisan cafes and delis.

From the three cutlery items offered five years ago, Vegware’s range has grown to over 200 completely compostable products, including many award-winning packaging innovations resulting from the firm’s active R&D programme. All Vegware’s catering disposables are made from recycled and sustainably sourced eco materials and are completely compostable – so unlike most foodservice packaging, Vegware can be simply recycled after use. Vegware’s non-profit initiative The Food Waste Network is a free service matchmaking any UK business with local food waste collections and promoting zero waste.

Vegware’s 6oz cups and lids are available to buy on in packs of 50 or cases of 1,000.


About Vegware:

Vegware Ltd is the UK’s first and only completely compostable food packaging company. The multiple award-winning firm specialises in the development, manufacture and distribution of compostable packaging for foodservice. Vegware’s Food Waste Network matchmakes any UK business with local food waste recycling services. Vegware invests in product development and has brought many compostable innovations to market, including hot cup lids, double wall cups, high-heat cutlery and soup containers.

Clients range from the UK’s biggest contract caterers and food distributors through to UK government offices, NHS units and independent artisan delis and cafes. Vegware was founded in 2006 and the global operations are coordinated from its HQ in Edinburgh, UK. The firm’s eco products are available worldwide through Vegware US, Vegware South Africa, Vegware Europe, Vegware Australia, now Horeca in UAE, Friendlypak in New Zealand as well as a Europe-wide network of distribution partners from Iceland to Portugal. Visit for the full catalogue and further information.

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