Sustainable Investments™ Introduces V(max)™ Coffee At Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show

Sustainable Investments™ Launches First Socially Sustainable™ Coffee at Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show on February 22, 2014 at booth 112-114

PUYALLUP, WASHINGTON—(February 22, 2014)—V(max)™ Coffee, the first retail Socially Sustainable™ coffee in partnership with Cima Coffee Farms™ launches at the Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show.

At V(max) Coffee, Socially Sustainable coffee is flown to market at the maximum possible speed to deliver coffee at its peak of freshness and deliciousness. Socially Sustainable coffee aims to transform the lives of millions of coffee farmers currently trapped in a life of abject poverty without food security. Through V(max) and its sister companies, farmers live productive lives filled with hope and dignity as V(max) enables their social sustainability at maximum velocity.

“I love the blend of art and science that I’ve experienced within the domains of both aviation and coffee. For truly maximum performance, you can’t have one without the other. V(max) Coffee was created so people could taste exceptional coffee while stepping into the shoes of the farmer that grew it,” said James Cummiskey, Managing Director of V(max) Coffee. “We think coffee drinkers are ready to embrace a new socially responsible consumer model while drinking what we call “Authentic Specialty Coffee™.” The Northwest Aviation Conference and Tradeshow is the perfect way to showcase how we air deliver some of the world’s best coffee at its freshest to Washington!”

V(max) Coffee also uses innovative Virtual DirecTrade™ technology to enable full transparency into the coffee value chain while maintaining the critical traceability between taste and place. Through Virtual DirecTrade, coffee drinkers from around the world are able to connect in real-time with the farmer that planted and harvested the coffee in their cups. The technology allows coffee consumers to communicate directly with coffee farmers and virtually experience the coffee farm via chat tools, live video, extensive photo galleries, and weather reporting. Beyond connecting consumers with farmers, V(max) Coffee has partnered with Cima Coffee Farms to give both pilots and non-pilots alike the opportunity to connect physically beyond the virtual world. In 2014, “World’s Best Coffee Tour” adventure ( will expand to include both individual and group flying tours from the United States to coffee farms throughout Central and South America. Cima Coffee Farms can assist all pilots as required with customs and immigration, hotels, insurance, mechanics, hangars, and other aviation requirements in order to ensure a coffee farm flying adventure of a life-time. This aviation-centric, Socially Sustainable coffee will debut at the 31st Annual Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show on February 22, 2014. To learn more, please visit booths

112-114 to the right of the entrance and food court area and enjoy a complimentary cup of Authentic Specialty Coffee that has consistently scored in the top 3% in the world.

To learn more about V(max) Coffee, Cima Coffee Farms, and Socially Sustainability, please visit or call (855) 999-2462.


About V(max) Coffee

V(max) Coffee and its sister company Cima Coffee Farms are dedicated to delivering the finest Socially Sustainable coffee from around the world to you. Using general aviation and commercial aircraft to seek out the world’s finest coffee beans, V(max) Coffee, together with Cima Coffee Farms air-deliver fresh-roasted beans at maximum velocity—V(max)—to ensure freshness and maximum deliciousness.


About Cima Coffee Farms

Cima Coffee Farms (Cima) provides individuals the opportunity to own titled parcels of land in coffee-producing farms in Latin America. Using agronomically and economically sustainable farming techniques to improve the yield and quality of coffee, Cima provides the potential of a long-term, low-risk and moderate return for each property owner. For more information, visit or call (855) 999-CIMA.


About Socially Sustainable

There is a devastating and ongoing crisis in coffee among the world’s coffee farmers. It has simply become impossible for the majority of the world’s farmers to make a sustainable living while growing coffee. Although many “Fair Trade” certification programs exist to alleviate these problems, it has often been written that “Fair Trade ain’t fair.” Indeed, due to high certification costs to farmers and negative returns, farmers are sometimes worse off under these types of certification programs than before.

Socially Sustainable® recognizes and prioritizes the farmer’s sustainability above everything else in the value chain. By determining the average cost to produce coffee, we average the cost by region and country, then pay farmers with a gross 20% minimum for each pound of coffee. This 20% profit provides the farmer a life filled with hope and the dignity that everyone deserves.

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