Follett 15 Series Ice-Only Dispensers are ENERGY STAR® Qualified

15SeriesIceOnlyWithESFebruary 24, 2014 EASTON, PA – Follett Corporation is pleased to announce that all 15 Series ice-only dispensers are now ENERGY STAR® qualified. According to ENERGY STAR standards, “These ENERGY STAR ice machines are on average 15% more energy efficient than standard models.”

The 15 Series ice-only dispenser with an integral air-cooled ice machine producing up to 125 pounds (56.7 kg) of popular Chewblet® ice daily comes in countertop and freestanding models to meet any design application serving up to 50 people. Additionally, the 15 Series dispensers are:

  • Compact – only 22.5” (57.2 cm) tall and 14.62” (37.1 cm) wide to conserve counter space
  • Drainless – no drain is required, you can place the 15 Series anywhere there are water and electric utilities
  • Sanitary – capacitive touch dispensing eliminates direct contact with ice
  • Efficient – energy and water consumption is less than similar sized cube type ice makers
  • Attractive – stylish design complements any work space
  • Antimicrobial – Agion® antimicrobial treatment¹ of critical components inhibits bacteria and biofilm growth on the treated surface
  • Refreshing – consumer preferred Chewblet ice and optional filtration provide high quality refreshment

At this point only ice-only 15 Series dispensers are eligible for ENERGY STAR certification since ENERGY STAR currently does not have a product specification for ice and water dispensers.

For a list of all Follett ENERGY STAR qualified products, visit

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