Boost Weight Loss with Coffee – Java Diet Trends for 2015

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 9.32.03 AMSo, what’s this buzzy nutrient in your cup of joe? According to research released in November 2014 study published in Pharmaceutical Research, scientists found it’s a potent antioxidant called chlorogenic acid (CGA).
“CGA is a powerful antioxidant that reduces inflammation.”stated lead study author Yongie Ma in the November 14, 2014 public release. “Previous studies have shown that coffee consumption may lower the risk for chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” said Yongjie Ma, a postdoctoral research associate in UGA’s College of Pharmacy and lead author of the paper. “Our study expands on this research.” What they found was that CGA significantly blocked the development of high fat diet-induced obesity.
Since 60 percent of adults in the U.S. are now obese or overweight, and the condition is ever-expanding, there is an increased demand for safe and effective strategies to curb the problem and its associated diseases.
The most common coffee diet is keeping it plain ole’ black. The power packed perks come out to play when you drink your coffee black – no milk (real or soy), creams, sugars, syrups no nonsense. Adding even a little of any of these will rob your cup of coffee of some if not most of its weight-loss superpowers. Most of coffee’s usual ‘add ins’ are, or contain, sugar, which increases insulin levels. These additions may make some coffee more enjoyable, but learning to love your coffee black could be great news for your waistline.
One of the newest trends is buttered coffee. Devotees believe consuming butter with coffee gives you slower burning energy while the saturated fat in butter helps with brain function. Supposedly increasing your general metabolism, avoiding the bad ‘crash’ and prolonging energy potential.
But what’s really happening to all that butter in your body? There is no evidence into wether butter-spiked coffee is good for you, but we do know some other things about how butter effects your digestion. Sydney-based nutritionist and dietician Jessica Bailes quoted to The New Daily on January 6, 2015, “It’s not a good choice for breakfast because of all the saturated fat in butter. You’re getting very few vitamins and minerals. In terms of its nutritional value, there’s not much in it but calories.”
And here is the catch; simple coffee, butter and oil wont cut it. You have to use a special ‘grass fed’ butter and ‘brain octane oil’ for the specific process to work. Healthy fats and oils do have a place in our daily diets, but I’m not convinced that enhancing our coffee with them is the best way to incorporate them.
The third and final coffee diet trend and alkalizing your body’s natural pH levels. By drinking a low-acid- or acid free coffee you are actually helping keep your body in a alkaline harmony. The pH of your tissues and body fluids affects the state of your health or inner cleanliness or filth, and therefore your metabolism as well. The closer the pH is to 7.35 – 7.45, the higher you’re level of health and well being and your ability to resist states of disease and the onset of symptomologies. The body has an incredible homodynamic control system built around maintaining pH levels.
As an acid-free coffee, Tylers Coffee is your best choice for this. The lack of bloomed tannins and lipids acids make our gourmet coffee blends less bitter, pH neutral, safer on tooth enamel, safer on your GI tract and an overall healthy choice for all coffee drinkers around the world. Make the choice to start a healthy lifestyle, take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

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