Café de Colombia® Launches Campaign for Coffee Lovers

WallPaper-03Bogota, February 16th, 2015 – The world’s finest coffee, Café de Colombia®, is known to coffee lovers across the globe; its 100% mild washed Arabica quality has been world famous since the past century. This long-time recognized brand is making a comeback with a new-age twist through its digital campaign called “The Bean Bang Theory”TM (BBT), which officially launches today.
The new campaign is the result of extensive research that was conducted with consumers in different North American cities over the span of several months. The BBT also answers to current food and beverage industry trends and differences in attitudes of younger consumers with regard to the coffee category as well as media consumption habits.
According to the research, consumers –especially millennials-, have become more sophisticated and are evolving and thus demanding more information about what’s behind the products they consume. These new coffee consumers are more aware and receptive to origin, knowledge and sustainability. It has become increasingly important for people to learn more about the coffee they consume, why it is different and what additional benefits, rational and emotional, the beverage can provide.
In response to the evolving coffee industry and the thirst for knowledge of new coffee consumers, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) decided to launch an innovative and engaging digital campaign about Cafe de Colombia®. The FNC´s “Bean Bang TheoryTM” is based on the principles and values of Colombian coffee growers: trust, familiarity, honesty, social responsibility and innovation. This campaign emphasizes an appreciation for where the coffee bean comes from, its authenticity, knowing what is behind the bean, caring for the land where it grows and the coffee growers who cultivate it. The bean is the whole essence of coffee, serving as a representation of origin.
“We discovered invaluable insights through this analysis. We learned that coffee lovers and enthusiasts want to know more about the coffee they drink every day; where it comes from and who’s behind it. There is an opportunity to engage consumers about origin and its impact,” said Marcela Jaramiillo, the FNC´s Marketing & Advertising Director. “This campaign highlights the attributes of Colombian Coffee and reminds coffee drinkers that there is a story behind every bean.”
The Bean Bang TheoryTM campaign reminds coffee consumers to “Mind the Bean” or to take notice of the coffee they are putting in their cup each day: who, where and how it is grown. By selecting Colombian coffee, consumers are rewarding the efforts of more than 500,000 coffee growing families who produce the world’s finest coffee. Colombia’s ability to offer fresh mild washed Arabica coffee all year round, grown in the steep mountains of Colombia, hand-picked by the coffee growers, makes these beans the best choice.
The campaign comes to life today with the launch of the official BBT website, which will drive the campaign’s digital efforts. People will have access to all campaign insights and news on the brand new website as well as via social media channels starting today. The FNC will also promote the campaign through its own social media platforms as well as various digital channels. Additionally, it will be integrated with corresponding offline efforts. The campaign complements the FNC’s communication efforts and aims to position Café de Colombia in the minds of consumers with a fresh, innovative concept, reaching an audience that is in love with coffee but still thirsty to learn more.

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