Viora Lid Announces Two New Patents

Growing Portfolio of Patents for Innovative Lid Design

Seattle, WA – February 17, 2015 – Vaporpath, Inc., the maker of the Viora Lid, is pleased to announce that on February 10, 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a broad utility patent for the design of the Viora Lid. Patent No. 8,950,623 – entitled BEVERAGE CONTAINER LID THAT PROVIDES NATURAL DRINKING EXPERIENCE – describes how the Viora Lid presents a significant improvement on the countless other to-go lids in the market. Furthermore, today the USPTO issued a design patent for the Viora Lid, Patent No. D722498.
These two new patents, together, with Vaporpath’s broad portfolio of existing design and utility patents, as well as additional pending patent applications, underscore the innovation of the Viora Lid. In a market that has been dominated by a 30 year old design, the Viora Lid improves on every important attribute: drinkability, taste, and spill prevention.
The Viora Lid is crafted to meet the unique needs of the artisanal coffee world. This market – often called the “third wave” of coffee – is exploding. Coffee roasters work directly with farmers to buy single-origin beans and meticulously experiment to get the roast just right. Grinding and brewing coffee is now science as much as art. Some baristas even use laboratory equipment to make sure the coffee concentration and extraction are just right. This attention to each step in creating a premium experience for the customer is referred to as the “farm-to-cup” coffee movement.
The Viora Lid was created because the farm-to-cup movement stopped one step too soon. Coffee to-go is a reality of modern life. Yet the to-go cup lid in use for more than 30 years prevents people from experiencing good coffee by forcing them to drink though a straw-like opening and by trapping the aroma of their finely-crafted coffee. The Viora Lid offers the full sensory experience of drinking from a ceramic cup. Tip your cup, and a drink well fills quickly and evenly. You sip your coffee just as from an open cup, and you get to enjoy the aroma and the full flavor.
“We developed the Viora Lid because we’re passionate about our coffee. We wanted everyone to be able to experience the subtlety and magic of a fine cup of coffee – even when they have to take it to-go,” said Barry Goffe, president of Vaporpath, Inc. “These patents highlight the innovation and uniqueness of the Viora Lid, and our growing list of customers proves that it really works.”
Used by some of the most respected artisanal coffee shops, The Viora Lid is available throughout North America and in select countries around the world. For more information on the Viora Lid please visit
It’s time for a change. It’s time for a lid that’s worthy of what’s in your cup – The Viora Lid.

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