Gothenburg, June 16-18, 2015: a date that marks a finish line and at the same time a new beginning for Astoria, a leader in the production of high-quality professional espresso coffee machines. The company based in Susegana, Italy, will experience a significant validation of its commitment to promoting the culture of coffee and the professionalism of baristi throughout the world at The Nordic World of Coffee, an event organized by World Coffee Events, which will host the World Latte Art and World Coffee in Good Spirits championships.

Plus4You TS, the Astoria flagship, will be the official machine of the two events. The combination of superior technology, provided by the top-of-the-line Astoria machine, and the unique personalities of the best baristi in the world will guarantee an impressive spectacle. It is a special alchemy, as stated in the communication campaign for the events: “We bring our expertise; you bring your style.” With separate boilers for each brewing group and certified energy savings of up to 47.6 percent, the Green Line machine represents the cutting edge of Astoria research and the perfect testing ground for the most accomplished espresso artists.

The WLA and WCIGS championships mark the culmination of a long journey of excellence that aims to translate passion for the best Italian espresso into technology. In this sense, the road to Gothenburg began many years ago in the heart of the company from Susegana. At The Nordic World of Coffee, Astoria will celebrate an important stage in this journey with the unveiling of a special version of Plus4You for baristi. The competition version of Plus4You will boast a number of features designed to support the champions who will compete against each other in latte art and signature drinks: a broad tribute to the art of coffee that goes beyond technology to touch upon the dreams and ideas associated with coffee.

Astoria will narrate the stages of this exciting journey through the #RoadToGothenburg project, using words and images to document the work of the special Plus4You team and the phases in the development of the machine leading up to the competitions scheduled for June 16 to 18 in Sweden. The project provides a closer look at a story of Italian excellence, animated by a taste for innovation and passion for the challenge. The journey starts with the video “Are you ready for the challenge?”, an overview of the faces and personalities of those who contribute to the strength and success of the company every day. The launch of the teaser also coincides with the introduction of the #RoadToGothenburg section of the Astoria.com website: special content, identified with the same hashtag, will be added regularly in the run-up to the World Latte Art and World Coffee in Good Spirits championships.

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