FORTO Declared Strongest Coffee in the World

Ounce for Ounce-prepared, FORTO Strong Coffee beats Death Wish Coffee and Nespresso with 100mg of caffeine per ounce

Let the war for winning the caffeinated hearts of Americans begin! The strongest coffee in the world is declared FORTO Strong Coffee, an Organic cold-brewed coffee shot that beats all other coffee brands ounce-per-ounce-prepared. Served in a handheld 2oz. bottle, FORTO has 200mg of caffeine, the equivalent of two cups of coffee.

Created by a father of twins needing wholesome energy on-the-go, FORTO is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans hand-selected from family farms in Colombia and Brazil. Additional Organic caffeine is sustainably added in from the coffee fruit, and then FORTO is cold-brewed for over 20-hours to taste delicious-smooth. FORTO is currently available in two flavors, Espresso and French Vanilla, with an additional two flavors, Mocha and Caramel, launching shortly.

“We loved packaged coffees like Death Wish for their caffeine level, and decided to take that to the next level with our own wholesome, Organic Strong Coffee Shot,” said Neel Premkumar, Founder of FORTO. “FORTO is made for people who crave strong coffee to keep alert and highly productive throughout the day and on-the-go, but may not have the time for brewing and slowly sipping traditional coffee.”

Following successful showings at Coffee Con Los Angeles and NYC Craft Coffee Fest, FORTO has received overwhelming support. The 1st FORTO customer was the U.S. Military, with retail placement in all Military bases. Thousands of other retailers have lined up for launch in early 2016.

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FORTO is an Organic, Fair-Trade, and Cold-Brewed coffee shot that provides a quick, convenient boost of energy. Each bottle of FORTO has as much energy (200mg) as 2 regular cups of coffee. The name FORTO is based on the Italian word for strong, or forte. That’s what FORTO is – the strongest coffee on the planet. Our customers have similarly busy lifestyles as ourselves, and when they drink FORTO they trust the ingredients, they love the taste, and they instantly get the energy they need. By using an innovative bottling process that removes oxygen from the bottle, FORTO remains fresh for 18 months, and can be stored at room temperature, remain cold in a refrigerator, or be heated up in a microwave.

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