Boca Java Atomic Coffee Arrives at Safeway – Not Your Average Cup of Joe

February 24, 2016 – DENVER, Colo. – Attention caffeine lovers! Boca Java Atomic coffee has 50-percent more caffeine than any other 100% Arabica coffee that is sure to give you the boost of energy that you need. Safeway stores across Colorado will now offer three varieties, Cinna-buzz and Peanut Butter Bomb and non-flavored Java Blast—all with no calories. See what many Atomic fans are calling the strongest coffee around.

Boca Java Atomic coffee was developed for the extreme lifestyles and for those that don’t have time to slow down! Whether you are heading into work after a long morning workout, a college student cramming for exams, going for the video game high-score or heading into the late shift at work, Mad Scientist Joe has concocted the perfect blend of 100% Arabica beans, radical flavors and a 50% extra-caffeine jolt, so you can tackle any task.

“It’s an explosion of energy and flavor,” Jason Barrow, president and CEO, says. “It’s a great and healthier alternative to sugary energy drinks, popular with young adults who need that extra jolt of energy to start or get through their day.”

Getting a high-caffeine jolt in your drink does not have to come with the eventual sugar-crash associated with the high-calorie energy drink. A single serving of Atomic coffee has the boost in caffeine without any calories. So the next time you’re about to grab that tall can of carbonated sugar water off the shelf – give Boca Java Atomic extra-caffeine coffee a try.

Although Boca Java Atomic Coffee has been offered online for many years, this is the first time the product will be featured in grocery stores. “This type of product caters to a younger demographic that is known to multitask and use energy products to get through their day. We’re excited to offer a new type of product to the market,” says Mary Ann Lombard, Director of Sales.

Flavors Include:

Boca Java Atomic Java Blast Coffee: Java Blast will give you the delicious, fresh-roasted coffee to which you are accustomed, but with a rush of energy.

Boca Java Atomic Cinna-Buzz Coffee: The amazing cinnamon flavor will give you an experience you won’t forget, and of course, the extra caffeine will get your day started strong.

Boca Java Atomic Peanut Butter Bomb Coffee: What’s better than extra caffeine in your coffee? The flavor explosion of Peanut Butter in your coffee! Try your favorite today.

Looking for a serious jolt to your day? You’ll love the flavor and the caffeine boost it can give without the sugar and calories. Boca Java Atomic is available online at or at select Safeway stores across Colorado on the top shelf –just look for Mad Scientist Joe in the coffee aisle!

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