Louisville roaster Good Folks Coffee launches line of craft whole-bean coffees

Ashlee O'Neil - Three Coffee BlendsLouisville coffee roaster Matt Argo has launched Good Folks Coffee Company with a line of whole-bean offerings created in his Shelby Park roastery. The craft outlet focuses on farmer relations to source ethically-traded coffees to roast in-house. Products, including single-origins, blends and espresso varieties, are now available at select grocery stores and cafes as well as online at goodfolkscoffee.com. Argo plans to expand availability in shops and cafés throughout the South and Midwest in 2016.
A rotating menu of single-origin, rare varietal and farm-specific coffees as well as seasonal blends and espressos will be launched throughout the year. Coffee lovers can also have a continuous flow of fresh, hand-crafted coffee mailed directly to their doorstops by choosing one of multiple online subscription programs.

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