NEW YORK CITY—January 30, 2017—Alpha Dominche, the leading producer of design-driven commercial coffee and tea brewing machines, will unveil an ambitious retail project at Brooklyn’s Industry City this week. On February 1st, the company will open the Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab, a 2,000-square-foot café and teashop unlike anything the city has seen before.

The Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab will be the first NYC shop to focus equally on craft brewed coffee and tea, and will allow guests to choose between regions, cultivars, brands, roasters, processing methods and more. The Extraction Lab will rotate its selection of 10-15 coffee roasters regularly, and up to 50 tea brands will be on display at any one time.

“Three values drive our business: exceptional brew quality, beautiful esthetics and unparalleled experience. The Extraction Lab is a prominent display of these values,” said Thomas Perez, CEO of Alpha Dominche. “The precision of our Steampunk technology ensures a perfect cup every time, and the machine’s glass crucibles not only make a striking design presence on the countertop, but also they allow guests to view the entire brew process. Couple this with perhaps the most extensive selection of high-end coffee and tea in the country, and a unique experience emerges.”
A haven for coffee and tea lovers

The Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab will focus equally on coffee and tea, with a passion unmatched by other cafés or teashops.

“Most shops today are fairly divided,” said Perez. “Even when great, high-level coffee shops also serve tea, the tea offering often doesn’t meet the same emphasis and quality as their coffee selection. On the other hand, it is rare to find a teashop that serves coffee at all.”

The Extraction Lab will feature roasters like Tim Wendelboe in Norway, Maruyama in Tokyo, Ditta Artiginale in Florence, Verve in San Francisco, Samovar in San Francisco and The 1872 Clipper Tea in Singapore. In addition to a remarkable roster of roasters, coffees will be imported directly from the renowned Ninety Plus Gesha Estates farms in Panama and Ethiopia. Teas will be imported from from Good & Proper Tea in London and TQY in Shanghai, along with a wide selection of American-based tea companies.

Price points range from an excellent house roast or house tea for $3 per cup to some exceptional coffees and teas available for $18 per cup. The food menu will feature pastries from the renowned Meyers Bageri.
Design and Technology Collide in Brooklyn

Alpha Dominche’s own principle designer, Tymer Tilton, dreamed up the warm, industrial space that features an open layout, natural woodwork, and soft green accents. The Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab seats 50 guests and features massive iron doors from ATH studios. These iron doors open to a space wrapped with waterfall countertops, shou sugi ban walls, and pipe shelving crafted by The Furniture Joint. Two neon signs from Lite Brite Neon in Brooklyn appear in the space. One illuminates the sample roasting room, while another hangs over the entrance to the Lab. Quedan Construction skillfully executed the build-out and finished it off with rows upon rows of white tiles.

Each beverage served at the Extraction Lab will be presented on a tray with a small note from the brewer that explains the origins of the coffee or tea, its taste notes and the profiles the drinker can expect from the cup. iPads placed throughout the Lab will allow guests to browse through the current selection and discover more about the Steampunk.

The cutting-edge Steampunk is Alpha Dominche’s signature machine that expertly brews a perfect cup of made-to-order tea or coffee with a few swipes of an app. The Steampunk, which delivers a theatrical experience when brewing coffee or tea, can be found adorning the counters of specialty coffee and teashops across the country and around the world.

Visit the Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab at and see the Steampunk in action at

Photo: Jonsar Studios

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