Coffee Roasting and Retail Course

Coffee Roasting and Retail lifts the lid on the aromas, sights and sounds of leading Bay Area coffee businesses. New and aspiring coffee business owners will learn hands-on techniques and practitioner skills as well as the personal stories of successful roasters, wholesalers, retailers and coffee shop owners.

Students will gain invaluable insights into the culture and business of coffee as we explore tools and methods for sourcing, roasting, cupping, selling and serving. We’ll also go behind the scenes to explore coffee business staffing, financing and fundraising, giving new business owners the knowledge to start or improve their coffee ventures.

Instructors to include:
• Byron Dote, Sweet Maria’s
• Dani Goot, Bellwether Coffee Co.
• Juliet Han, Blue Bottle Coffee
• Keba Konte, Red Bay Coffee Roasters
• Chris Kornman, Royal Coffee
• Kristen Nelson, modern coffee
• Laurel Wirth, Royal Coffee

Suggested Reading