Caffè Milani: the pleasure of bio

The range of Caffè Milani (Lipomo – Como – Italy) coffees includes a vast assortment of products and formats, aimed at satisfying every taste and all the various opportunities for enjoying them: from a “fast” espresso to the one on which to “meditate”, from the horeca coffee to the one enjoyed at home.

Let’s take a look at its new blend for the coffee bar world.
Action Espresso Bio. The natural taste that satisfies

Biological coffee is increasingly requested in coffee shops: it is appreciated as a natural product, with positive values for people’s health and for environmental compatibility. All these features can be found in Caffè Milani’s new Action Espresso Bio blend.

It is a remarkable and precious 100% Arabian blend from every point of view. Beginning with the coffees from which it is made, all cultivated without the use of chemical products and pesticides and coming from Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Peru.

This natural product is born to satisfy the most refined palates: its excellent composition provides it with pleasing creaminess, it has an excellent olfactory intensity and is medium-bodied. To the taste, its bitterness is restrained, while a complex and pleasant acidity is evident, with floral and fruity notes. An unusual and pleasant after-taste with the aroma of tobacco can be perceived: an experience to be fully savoured and spoken of.

Action Espresso Bio comes in a 1-kilo tin which best protects its characteristic taste and aroma.

Many coffee shops have chosen this blend because of its double value added (bio+taste) particularly appreciated by customers, and propose it as the main blend or in support of other blends.

It was awarded a gold medal at the 2016 International Coffee Tasting.

2017 is an important year for Caffè Milani, celebrating its first 80 years activities with numerous initiatives.

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