Use Coffee Flour as a Premium Base for Coffee Cherry Cascara Beverages

Coffee Flour™ is pleased to announce the release of a new coarse ground variety of Coffee Flour that can be used as a base for premium coffee cherry cascara beverages.

Recently popularized by Starbucks’ new Cascara Latté, Cascara is a type of tea made using the skin or fruit of coffee cherries, which surround the coffee bean. Coffee Flour is made from the skin and pulp of coffee cherries, and coarse ground Coffee Flour can be steeped in hot water to make a whole fruit coffee cherry cascara tea. This tea can be combined with sugar and boiled down to make a premium coffee cherry cascara simple syrup for sweetening lattés, smoothies and other beverages.

Unlike some other cascara bases, the coffee cherry fruit in Coffee Flour is not allowed to ferment prior to drying. This ensures that Coffee Flour imparts the pure flavor of coffee cherries on cascara beverages, without any of the pungent flavors caused by molds, toxins, and other compounds that can result from fermentation.

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