Coffee and Wine Bar River Coyote Opens in NYC

Coffee and wine bar River Coyote has opened on New York City’s Lower East Side. Inspired by cafes in Amsterdam, owner Jay Nir has drawn on his travels and an eclectic career path of DJ-ing, real estate, restructuring night clubs, hotel consulting and hosting private events to develop his idea for River Coyote.

The perfect cup of coffee is at the heart of River Coyote and it all starts with the beans, sourced from Nobletree Coffee in Brooklyn. Nobletree is unique as a vertically integrated “seed to cup” operation, growing beans on their own farms in Brazil and roasting at their facility in Red Hook. River Coyote’s program focuses on espresso, which guests can then customize with milk as a Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino and more. All espresso is weighed and drawn to order, while drip coffee is made every hour to maintain peak freshness.

Jay sourced top of the line equipment including a 3Temp Hipster Brewer that allows full control of the temperature and brew method of the coffee, and under-the-counter espresso machines by Modbar with copper taps built in (only the second place in the US to have these). The coffee bar is set up for customers to watch the baristas in action and interact with them, rather than hiding them behind bulky equipment.

Seeing a strong parallel between coffee and wine, Jay brings the two together at River Coyote. Both are crops that vary by how and where they are grown and processed. From the effects of altitude and terroir to how and when the fruit is harvested, coffee and wine are complex drinks. Jay installed a custom-built triple fridge draught system, including 2 refrigerators for the 16 wines on tap that are available: 8 whites and 8 reds. The curated list offers boutique wines from Italy, France, California and New York—all served fresh at the perfect temperature. Local craft beer, cider, cold brew and kombucha are available on draft as well—all served in frosted mugs. River Coyote is not serving bottles (except for one kosher wine) and thanks to this custom tap system, greatly reduces waste.

Coffee and wine are served all day—coffee from 8am, wine from 11am. During the day, locally baked pastries (from Dough) and afternoon snacks are served, along with cheeses from Saxelby Cheesemongers at Essex Market (the cheeses are be available at night as well). A dinner menu featuring small, shareable plates will launch soon.

Built in 1893, the space retains its original wood beams and exposed brick walls. The custom-built white marble and maccasar ebony bar with copper and brass taps is the focal point of the space. Reclaimed wood tables, minimalist light fixtures, vintage ceiling fans, and cozy bar-height seating all contribute to the inviting vibe.

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