Sector Partnership Program

Gabriela Cordon - Representantes Taller SPThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Holland funds the program for nine countries in Asia (Indonesia), Africa (Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi and Uganda), Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras), accounting for €18 millones. The program aims to support small coffee growers, especially women, in developing projects for productivity, gender, climate change and water management, living wage and child labor eradication, small coffee growers strengthening and inclusion of their interest.

As Han de Groot, UTZ Executive Director explains “UTZ certification already benefits more than a million farmers and workers, but we know that we could do more. The Sector Partnerships Program builds on the strong foundations of certification, contributing to our
goal of making sustainable farming the norm.”
We look forward to hearing from you and collaborating with information that may serve to develop contents about the sustainability approach.

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