Selecting Site Amenities Just Got Easier

Ashley Nicholas - Furnish-Your-Space-InstantlyColorado Springs, CO, February 17, 2017 – Get it instantly. See it now. As businesses attempt to keep up with our instant-gratifying society, some demands just cannot be met. Or can they..? When undergoing a redevelopment project, many key decisions must be made including which FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment) to select. Colorado based supplier Equip, Inc. has developed a new way to take much of the guesswork out of ordering FF&E by offering their new “site rendering” services. This novel approach allows customers to see different furniture options in their space before committing to a purchase. It’s one new way to keep buyer’s needs in the forefront by giving them more opportunity to be confident in their purchasing decisions and reducing guesswork.

On February 16th, Equip launched its new “site rendering” service to address this customer concern with a simple 3-step process. Buyers send Equip a photo of their renovated space; let the Equip team know which products they are considering, and Equip sends back a photoshopped image showing the furniture options in their space.

Whether it’s a full-scale food court renovation, common area lounge setting, outdoor benches or barstools for the carts and kiosks, Equip offers their site rendering service completely free. So if the task of selecting site amenities for your redevelopment project falls on you, Equip can help you make an empowered decision with minimal risk.

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