UTZ Certified supports Oxfam’s campaign in efforts towards sustainability.

Report calls for further sustainment of food sector.

Amsterdam, February 26 – The campaign ‘Behind the Brand’ that Oxfam launched today, is an important step in the efforts made towards sustaining the food industry, something UTZ Certified has been committed to for the past ten years. The campaign shows that we still have a long way to go before a sustainable supply chain is the norm. By working with a scorecard of seven key issues relating to social equality and climate change, Oxfam calls on food manufacturers worldwide to improve transparency with regard to their contribution towards sustainable production, and make additional commitments to extend these efforts.
Like Oxfam, UTZ Certified encourages the food industry to switch to sustainable sourcing of raw materials on a large scale. In the last ten years, UTZ Certified has seen the willingness of brands like Mars and Nestlé to commit to sustainable sourcing of cocoa. Also in the field of sustainably produced coffee and tea UTZ has taken important steps forward.  Today, almost half of all coffee traded sustainably is UTZ certified. The challenge for the coming years is to, together with other sustainability labels and NGOs like Oxfam, implement the large scale improvements necessary to reduce the differences in the standards of living worldwide and protect the environment against further climate change.
About UTZ Certified
UTZ Certified is one of the largest sustainability programs and labels for sustainable farming of coffee, cocoa and tea. Companies from all over the world that are buying increasing amounts of coffee, cocoa and tea with the UTZ Certified label, enable us to contribute to the fulfillment of the ambitions of  more and more farmers, workers and their families. Sustainable farming also contributes to safeguarding the earth´s natural recourses, now and in the future.

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