HydroDI™ Salt-Free Water Treatment System.

[wpg width=”200″ height=”300″ align=”right”]HydroDI, a new evolutionary water treatment system, reduces contaminants and scale forming minerals for superior water quality in residential and commercial applications. HydroDI combines the benefits of a water softener and RO system in one system.
The patented technology licensed from Siemens uses electricity to remove both cations and anions from the source water in a process called continuous electro-deionization.  Unlike conventional water treatment approaches, this environmentally-friendly and energy efficient technology eliminates the need for salt or chemicals to treat water.
An optional monitoring system provides key operating metrics including system efficiency, water quality, end-user usage, and module operation in real-time. The HydroDI system allows customers to save water and energy, improve water quality and reduce wastewater discharge.
About HydroNovation
HydroNovation Inc. develops and manufactures electro-deionization modules and unique components for commercial and residential water treatment applications under the trademark HydroDI™ brand. The company’s primary business goal is to partner with companies that supply complete solutions for these applications and customers.
For further information, visit www.hydronovation.com

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