Red Diamond Coffee Joins Industry Leaders to Support Grounds for Health In an Effort to Prevent Cervical Cancer.

Women in the developing world whose livelihood depends on the cultivation of coffee are among the most vulnerable in the world when it comes to dying from cervical cancer. Thanks to Grounds for Health and the coffee companies who support their mission, many lives are being saved. Grounds for Health cultivates partnerships with coffee-farming communities to reduce the high rate of cervical cancer in low-resource settings. In fact, cervical cancer – though it is preventable, treatable and curable remains the leading cause of cancer death for women in the developing world solely for lack of access to prevention and early treatment. The 501(c)(3) organization focuses on developing effective, affordable, and sustainable prevention programs with the long-term goal of reducing unnecessary deaths from cervical cancer. Grounds for Health establishes community-driven, locally sustainable programs in rural coffee-growing areas that work to prevent cervical cancer through early screening and same-day treatment of pre-cancerous cells. Since 1996, Grounds for Health programs have screened nearly 40,000 women for this deadly disease and trained more than 250 local doctors and nurses to carry on the work in their communities.
Red Diamond is proud to support Grounds for Health. We believe in the mission of this program: to create sustainable and effective cervical cancer prevention and treatment programs in coffee-growing communities. This will help improve the lives of the female coffee-farmers and their families and that in turn will better their communities. We are pleased to support our farmers and their families.
August Burns, Executive Director of Grounds for Health, noted, “We are thrilled to have a company such as Red Diamond join with us to combat the challenges of cervical cancer. This is a preventable disease that women at the height of their productivity may die from needlessly. Many of the women who work to grow and sort coffee beans often lack access to cancer prevention and treatment. Grounds for Health is grateful to have an industry leader like Red Diamond make a commitment to preserve the health of women coffee growers along with other companies and individuals along the supply chain. We applaud their efforts.”
Burns added, “Our work is far from done. Coffee communities in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, Columbia, El Salvador and elsewhere have asked for our help. There and elsewhere women are still dying needlessly and that is why a generous contribution from an industry supporter like Red Diamond is so timely and appreciated.”
Red Diamond is a 107 year-old family-owned coffee, tea and foodservice company providing high quality products to hotels, restaurants, offices and homes across the United States.
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