Torani Expertly Blends Up New Real Cream Frappé Bases.

Frappés Made with Real Ingredients and Fewer Calories.

March 1, 2013 – South San Francisco, CA –Torani has launched new Torani Real Cream Frappé Bases to meet growing operator and consumer demand for a better, more natural frappé. Torani Real Cream Frappé Bases are liquid pour-over-ice-and-blend bases that create extra creamy, velvety drinks; they are made with simple, real ingredients like real dairy cream, pure cane sugar and vanilla extract.
Torani’s Real Cream Frappé Bases offer big growth potential for café owners. The frappé category has grown 20 percent in the past three years* and shows no sign of slowing with 75% of independent cafés anticipating demand to continue**.
Torani Real Cream Frappé Bases are all-natural with no preservatives and offer a smoother texture drink than powder-based frappes. They are designed to allow cafés to feature their espresso and deliver a 16 oz. drink with only 300-380 calories each, which is up to 45% fewer calories than leading powders.
Shelf-stable until opening, Torani Real Cream Frappé Bases are simple to use; just pour over ice, add espresso and syrups or sauces and blend. This versatile base allows for almost limitless frappé flavors when combined with syrups and sauces.
Available in four flavors: Real Cream, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Coffee, each can be customized to create a wide variety of drinks. Each container of Torani Real Cream Frappé Bases makes eight to ten 16 oz. drinks and is available in a 1.5 liter aseptic containers packed eight per case.
Heritage of Flavor Expertise
For more than 85 years, Torani has led in flavor and beverage innovation. Every Torani product is made with carefully sourced, high quality ingredients to ensure the best-tasting flavor in the finished drinks.  Torani’s New Real Cream Frappé Bases, Syrups, Sauces and Real Fruit Smoothies offer creative drink solutions that differentiate menus, delight customers and build business. For more information or recipes, please visit or call 800/775-1925.
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