Tasting the Belmoca sensation begins with your eyes.

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Belmoca is the Belgian company who has grown from a passion for coffee, from the search for perfection. The company has its eye set on one end-goal: to create the ultimate espresso experience with diamond shaped aluminim capsules. The result is a top product with character, an espresso machine that embodies pure luxury.

Belmoca took the best espresso technology and made it better. It challenged the best designers and made a high-end espresso machine. The result is a diamond to the eye, a modern, stylish design just like the new refined Belina espresso machine.
Coffee experts travelled the world to look for the best coffee. The company tested for years and then selected five flavors, the five that made all others obsolete. Belmoca developed a unique diamond shaped aluminum capsule and filled it with 20% more coffee to get the ultimate taste sensation. On top of those five flavors, the exclusive Latte capsule grants every coffee enthusiast to even brew the perfect Cappuccino. Now that’s Belmoca, a diamond in your cup.
The company has a bright future and strives to become the international market leader in espresso machines in only a few years time.
After its recent international launch, Belmoca was already represented successfully on tradeshows in Istanbul, Trieste, the Coffee Fest of New York, etc. and is represented in 6 continents. So far the success has been overwhelming and humbling. Belmoca already established partnerships with numerous enthusiastic food service wholesalers, retailers and coffee companies. Ofcourse the ambition is relentless. Belmoca continues to reach out to eager partners who wish to become part of Belmoca’s success story. Belmoca offers its ambassadors a unique and outstanding range of ultimate Espresso machines and offers them the opportunity to sell the exclusive Belmoca capsules as well.
Retailers and coffee enthusiasts who are interested will find more information on www.Belmoca.com or can send and e-mail enquiry to sales@belmoca.com.

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