The automatic steam wand that works like a WBC barista.

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In the new automatic milk emulsifying system, steam alone generates the centrifugal turbulence producing an emulsified milk that is dense and constant in quality. An innovation based on simplicity.

It is even simpler, faster and more efficient. It is the new MCS – Milk Control System – produced by Dalla Corte: the automatic steam wand working as the barista’s hand and autonomously creating a perfect, uniform milk foam for cappuccinos, lattes and many other milk-based drinks.
System installation includes setting steam pressure – the intensity of which has a direct impact on foam density and volume – and the temperature at which milk frothing must be stopped – which must not exceed 65°C to avoid affecting the taste of the drink. Subsequently, all you have to do is dip the steam wand into the milk jug and start steam production to let the system work quickly and autonomously while you prepare your espresso: the milk foam obtained will be dense and velvety, constant in quality, not influenced by the user’s hand – a remarkable advantage for cafés, bars and restaurants with a high staff turnover.
The main feature of the automatic milk emulsifying system patented by Dalla Corte is simplicity in structure and use: unlike other models on the market, the new wand does not give out air and steam – the machine is thus simplified, because an air compressor is no longer needed – but only steam. Thanks to the particular position of holes on the jet, steam triggers a series of turbulences and creates a centrifugal motion in the jug that is the same as the motion produced manually.
A probe installed alongside the wand turns off the device when the right temperature is reached: all that is left to do, then, is just add a finishing touch, maybe a small decoration, which is always

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