The Melitta e-filter ™: Newest Addition to Family of Single-Serve Products.

Reusable filter solution is customizable, environmentally sound and wallet-friendly.

Melitta, well-recognized for exceptional quality in all aspects of coffee and coffee preparation, debuts the Melitta e-filter, a reusable, single-serve filter system. The customizable Melitta e-filter joins the Melitta JavaJig™ as the brand’s most recent entry into the single-serve category. The Melitta e-filter further secures the company’s position as the worldwide leader in coffee filters, providing an easy, eco-conscious and economical filter solution for coffee lovers. Key features and benefits of the Melitta e-filter include:

  • Customizable: The Melitta e-filter provides full brew strength control, allowing coffee’s natural, flavorful oils to produce a rich, bold cup of single-serve. Variety options are unlimited – simply choose your favorite coffee or tea and adjust fill levels to taste.
  • Environmentally Sound: The Melitta e-filter pack includes five reusable coffee filters, reusable up to 20 times each. The Melitta e-filter is BPA free and recyclable.
  • Wallet-Friendly: The Melitta e-filter pack, with its five reusable filters, retails for nearly 50 percent less than just one reusable filter from an alternative coffee brand. Additionally, a cup of coffee made using the Melitta e-filter costs approximately 50 percent less per cup, when compared to prefilled single-serve coffee capsules.

“Like Melitta Bentz, who revolutionized the coffee industry in 1908 by inventing the pour-over method of brewing coffee, the brand today continues to change the world of coffee drinking one cup at a time,” said Chris Hillman, vice president of marketing at Melitta. “The Melitta e-filter is an exciting addition to our family of single-serve products – an affordable, eco-friendly option for a flavorful cup of single-serve coffee.”
Designed for use in most Keurig, Inc. style single-serve coffee brewers, the Melitta e-filter will be available nationwide at major grocery and specialty retailers. MSRP for the Melitta e-filter 5-  pack is $8.99.
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