Barista Bible International Second Edition coming to the USA.

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The Barista Bible is the flagship title in the most comprehensive training package you will find on espresso today.  First published in 2008 it is now used throughout Australian high schools and industry and is regarded as the ultimate coffee reference book.  Used by both trainers and baristas alike, this book covers everything from the history of coffee to latte art (and everything in between) – in simple easy-to-read text, with hundreds of photos and illustrations.

This exciting international edition includes more global content and references, the latest coffee trends and developments from around the world and lots more photos and illustrations. Additions include double the information on roasting, an explanation of the various extraction measurement tools and techniques and much more.
The author, Christine Cottrell, is passionate about specialty coffee with a special interest in education (as evidenced in her 10 part training series) and anything to do with the history of coffee.  She is always keen to meet with other coffee professionals in her travels and would love the chance to discuss all things coffee from an American perspective.
With distribution centers now set up in Australasia and Europe, we are now seeking an American distributor and are inviting interested parties to meet with Christine during her forthcoming visit to the USA in April.
She will be attending the Boston SCAA event from 6th to 14th April and will also be in:

  • New York from 15th to 21st April, and
  • Los Angeles on 5th April and 22nd April

Please feel free to contact us direct on +61 7 3352 7302 or via our website or email if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss distributorship opportunities or how Christine can design and write your in-house training programmes.
For more information on the Barista Bible and the other products in the Perfect Espresso series please visit our website at

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