Fred’s Coffee likes Weldon Coffee Flavorings new Counter Stand ! ! !

[wpg width=”225″ height=”300″ align=”right”]Weldon Flavorings is promoting their Coffee Flavorings with an attractive, new counter stand and already have their first order.  Fred’s Coffee Company in Oakland, Maine took the stand to some of their customers and the response was favorable.  They ordered ten of the new stands.  Fred’s has been a distributor for Weldon Coffee Flavorings for approximately 3 years.  The new stand is ideal for your Convenience Store accounts.  It is great for displaying and organizing 6 bottles of flavoring on your customer’s counter.  The header card has easy to follow instructions.  Weldon Coffee Flavorings are sugar free and contain no artificial sweeteners which allow each customer to add their condiments of choice!!    They are the sensible solution to serving Flavored Coffee, cappuccino, and lattes without all the calories, carbohydrates, fats, and sodium.  They are also Gluten-free, contain no sodium benzoate, and are non-allergenic.  Each bottle comes with a pre-measured pump which allows for quick and accurate flavoring of each cup.  For more information please contact Weldon Flavorings at 502-797-2937 or visit them online at

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