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Hello SCAA Membership,

As a dedicated SCAA member, I am hoping you also have an interest in making the Association be the best it can be. In the two minutes it takes to vote in this year’s Board of Directors election, you have the power to have your voice heard and help set the direction of this essential association.

Who is Marty Curtis
As a dedicated SCAA volunteer since the early 1990s, Technical Committee Member for 8 years, Board of Directors Member for 4 years, and Senior Q-Grader Instructor who has taught and certified hundreds of dedicated coffee professionals in 13 countries, I have personally seen the incredible difference this association can make in the businesses and lives of people around the world.

What My Colleagues Have to Say about Me
“I have known and worked with Marty Curtis for over 12 years and found him to be extremely professional with great integrity and honesty. He walks the talk and is straightforward with no secret agendas. He will put in the time to make the SCAA a valuable organization for its members.”
Dan Cox
SCAA Past President
SCAA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

“I had the privilege of meeting Marty Curtis about 6 years ago when I was going through my original Q Grading/Cupping training and qualifying. Marty proved to be an excellent instructor who I would have categorized as “Hard but Fair“. The level of honesty and integrity that he displayed as our coach, teacher and tester is an example that I continue to follow in the development of our people here at Community Coffee Company, LLC. You only need to speak with Marty for a few moments before you realize that the level of commitment he shows for our industry is genuine. Marty truly places his heart and soul into every aspect of coffee which is the driving qualification that he would carry as Second Vice President of the SCAA Board of Directors.”
Carl Leonard
VP Green Coffee & Tea Dept
Community Coffee Company, LLC

“I’ve worked with Marty since the early 1970’s and I can say this about him without equivocation — he is as hard-working and focused as any person with whom I’ve ever been involved. His dedication to his work, whether that be business or personal, is offered in one form, and that is with all of his heart, mind, and body.  And perhaps most important to anyone’s success, Marty’s commitment to following-through is both consistent and complete.”
Gary Ladd
Past CEO and member of the Board, Asian American Coal, Inc.
Past member of the Board, Trident Academy
Current member of the Board, Darkness to Light
Current member of the Board, Piney Woods Resources
Co-founder and President, Aerial Revolution Challenges, Inc.

“I had the honor to serve on the SCAA Board of Directors with Marty for one year.  During that time Marty was a gladiator for the members.  When the Board was faced with a decision he was the one who asked two very important questions:  How will this action make the association better for our members and is the action consistent with our stated mission and values.”
Linda Smithers
North American Marketing for Daterra
SCAA Past President

Why It Is Essential YOU Take a moment to Vote
As current SCAA Board Member, Andrew Hetzel said in his recent Facebook Post, “This year’s election is the most important in recent history.“ This is an unusual election year for the association. In most years the board simply selects the next slate of candidates they wish to put forward on the ballot and only about one in one hundred members votes. There really is no need to vote in this case.

This year I chose to petition to be put on the ballot and was successful in having the required percentage of voting members take the valuable time out of their day to write and sign a petition and fax it to SCAA headquarters, just to make sure I made it onto this ballot. Why would such busy people, like yourself do this? Because they know that I am ready, willing, and able to dedicate myself to this organization to bring to it a greater focus on:

✓    Transparency
✓    Integrity
✓    Equal Voice
✓    Dedication
✓    Your Association
✓    Earned Leadership

This is YOUR Association
In 2008 I ran as a petition candidate on these principles and proudly served on the board for the next four years. During this period I consistently fought to make the association more open and responsive to members demanding the board meeting minutes be more detailed and available to the membership. This is your organization and you deserve to have a say in how it is run. Please take a moment to vote for me and I promise to work for you to have a greater voice and be heard in the leadership of the Association.

Please take a moment to VOTE NOW, the link is

Remember only ONE vote per company and you will need your member ID for the vote to be official. If you can’t find it, call SCAA Membership at 562.624.4100 and the deadline is March 22, 2014.

Marty Curtis

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