Cups, Lids, & Sleeves – Coffee Shop Must-Haves!

It is inevitable that disposable cups, lids, sleeves, and other products are an essential tool for all coffee shops. Nowadays, the consumer cares about more than just their coffee, it is about the entire experience. Yes, cups, lids, sleeves, and other disposable products are apart of that coffee shop experience.

According to, “Americans throw away 25 billion Styrofoam coffee cups each year.” The disposable cup has become a part of coffee consumers’ everyday lives. In fact, disposable cups have more uses than just being a vessel to carry your coffee in. With sanitation being a high priority for all food facilities, the utilization of disposable cups lessens the chances of being exposed to bacteria. No one else has used that cup before you.

Cups and sleeves can be customized to spread your shop’s brand. Logos and custom design can all be accommodated to what you want your shop being portrayed as. Not to mention, disposable cups are less expensive than glass or ceramic cups. It costs far less to order a single paper cup than it would be to replace a broken glass mug.

Below are a few companies that you can utilize to bring your consumers an excellent coffee shop experience.

arthritisliduVu Technologies
uVu Technologies utilizes its talents and analytics’ team skill set to create food and beverage packaging solutions. This results in far superior, safer cup lids and disposable products, while revolutionizing the manufacturing methodologies in which many disposable products are actually formed. Therefore resulting in incredible material saving, cost saving, and reduction in the production of defective final parts.

Stefan Ebert, Marketing and Sales Manager of uVu Technologies says, “If a shop isn’t concerned about its employee and customer safety, then the uVu lid may not be right for it.”

Stalk Market LogoStalkmarket (Asean Corporation)
This company sells a complete line of single and double wall insulated cups, lids, and jackets, all of which are 100 percent compostable, BPI certified, and all made from renewable plant materials.

Shops utilizing Stalkmarket products are able to demonstrate to their customers that they are making the effort towards sustainability and being more pro-active in their sustainability efforts than some of the large chains.

President of Stalkmarket, Buzz Chandler, gives a piece of advice, “Local neighborhood shops are the backbone of the coffee roasting industry.   Be a leader in your own way.   Don’t worry about the Mega Coffee chains.   Big is not a synonym for better.  Follow your own path.”

Versalite Ad_Coffee Talk_FinalBerry Plastics Corporation
Berry Plastics sells a full line of cups, lids, and packaging to meet the needs of their foodservice customers. They manufacture both disposable and souvenir drinking cups. Their cups are sold into convenience store, QSR, casual dining distribution, and stadium and arena markets.

“Our latest innovation, Versalite™, provides advanced, durable hot and cold packaging solutions that have the potential to increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies,” says Foodservice Product Line Manager, Lauren Piekos.

Java Jacket 2Java Jacket
Java Jacket aims to bring the best sleeves at affordable prices. The company takes pride in their environmentally conscious ways. They attempt to eliminate excessive paper waste and double cupping. Not to mention, they emphasize using recyclable and compostable, post-consumer paper.

Their cup sleeves are available in two different sizes and the waffle texture of the sleeve provides “grip ability.” While they do offer stock prints, Java Jacket also offers custom printing on both white or natural kraft paper in up to six colors. Water-based inks are used in their printing techniques.

PBFYFlexiblePackaging0314Plastic Bags For You
PBFY carries a wide array of disposable coffee packaging from foil bags, flat pouches, stand up pouches, and pouches with side gussets. Stand up pouches are offered in an assortment of colors, sizes, materials, and styles. These include foil and poly, metalized, windowed, and rice paper pouches.

According to their website, “The innovative design of these bags maximizes how your products are displayed, while efficiently taking up less space.”

These disposable coffee bags are also infused with a one-way degassing valve. The valve is a necessity for all packaged coffee beans. It keeps the coffee fresh, and it keeps the package sealed tight and not allows air back into the package.

High-Definition and full-color prints on Visstun’s disposable paper cups allows for the addition of ALL of your shop’s marketing needs. You can print far beyond just your logo. The cups are printed on heavy-duty paperboard to ensure your cups remain sturdy when filled with coffee or tea.

They say, “With a disposable cup, it is critical that the promotion makes a great first impression.” Make an impression with these cups at your shop, for events, meetings, and other events!

Visstun also offers paper cups for your shops snacks as well. You can brand various size cups and fill them with your customer’s favorite snacks!

Reach your target market with a unique and creative way to advertise. BriteVision offers not only café owners a way to promote their business even after consumers leave the shop, but allows advertisers to print their marketing buzz upon coffee sleeves. Their capabilities enable your cup sleeve message to stay fresh and keep a lasting impact throughout the year.

BriteVision is a leading media company that invented cup sleeve advertising. With magazine quality printing, low minimum orders, fast production times, and eco-friendly sleeves, there is something for every shop!

Disposable cups, lids, sleeves, and other products are all items that all coffee shops utilize. They are a great way to brand your shop, and by utilizing the newest technologies, you can keep your customers safe and happy. Many companies now are offering environmentally friendly products to meet the needs of various consumers

With these products being such a big part of the coffee shop atmosphere, why not make them more valuable and useful by customizing them to emphasize your shop? Brand your shop and make your disposable products stand out from the rest.

[box title=”Safety is in the Seal” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#e10c09″]by Stefan Ebert

As more and more individuals are becoming injured by unintended spills of hot coffee due to the cup’s lid, the industry called for a safer lid. uVu Technologies aimed to do just that. The uVu lid with proprietary sealing feature is both intuitive and secure. By providing consumers with safer lids, they know that their beverage will stay inside the cup, instead of on their hands or on their lap. This is a huge concern for many coffee shops, as it could result in dissatisfied customers or even lawsuits.

Tony Cervini, COO of Big Apple Bagels/My Duet/My Favorite Muffin (158 stores world-wide), calls it the “best lid in the whole world” and cites complete customer satisfaction with the user experience.

As we firmly believe, and Tony confirms, to the customer a cup is a cup, but ask any customer about their experience with today’s state of the art lids and you will get a mountain of bad (and sometimes angry) retorts concerning the overwhelmingly negative experiences redound across the industry:

“The lid pops off all the time!”

“The lid spilled all over my laptop!”

“The lid ruined my work clothes.”

“I was burned when the lid popped off.”  (This story was related to our team by a barista who had to be hospitalized for a week in upstate Michigan).

“The customer wears their coffee all over them.”  (This story was told to our team by a store manager who, on a daily basis, watched her customers walk out of the store carrying a cup of coffee while wearing gloves, only to see the lid pop off and coffee splatter all over the customer’s winter coat.”).

Just as serious are the litany of civil actions mounted on the basis of hot coffee spills, most recently in the matter of Cary v. McDonalds (BC-53250)(Los Angeles Superior Court, Jan. 7, 2014). The Plaintiff alleged personal injury when she was handed a cup of coffee at the drive-thru containing a lid that was “negligently placed on the cup in such a way that the lid did not stay on the cup and came off, allowing hot coffee to spill on Ms. Cary causing her severe personal injury.”    A simple “Google search” will reveal scores of other similar personal injury complaints.

We have determined that the inherent defect in most hot beverage lids today lies in the failure to correct the method in which a lid seals to a cup.  We have solved this problem and, as the market shows, our product is meeting rave reviews.  We are completely confident that our product is safer than any other lid and can be a huge asset for any business as both a message that they truly care for their customer’s safety, but also as a branding tool for their own business.[/box]


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