NEW Café Oasis™ Hybrid Offers Coffee Consumers a Coffee Tray Getaway™

Innovative Coffee Pod & Condiment Management System to be Featured at 2014 International Home + Housewares Show

[wpg width=”300″ height=”260″ align=”right”] McHenry, Illinois – February 2014 – After water, coffee is the most widely consumed beverage world-wide, and while innovations like single cup coffee brewers make coffee consumption more convenient, they also make coffee bar organization more complicated. The Café Oasis™ Hybrid coffee pod and condiment management system solves this dilemma by providing an attractive and functional storage solution that sits right beneath the coffee maker. The Café Oasis™ Hybrid will be on display at the Limitless Innovations, Inc. Booth #N7764 at the 2014 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago March 15-18, 2014.

While coffee has been proven to improve overall productivity, it can have the opposite effect if coffee lovers must dig through bins, draws, and cabinets to locate coffee pods, sugar packets, stirrers and other essential coffee condiments. The Café Oasis™ Hybrid is compatible with all major single-serve coffee pod manufacturers, and includes a metal housing, removable coffee pod tray and up to two sidebars (sold separately) that serve as vital organization for coffee necessities.

The Café Oasis™ Hybrid is truly one-of-a-kind in design and function.

Features include:

  • Tray that holds up to 24 coffee pods
  • Nylon feet that glide for effortless movement on any surface
  • Built-in cord management system
  • Up to two Café Sidebars™ for condiments and/or additional coffee pod storage (up to 48)
  • Café Sidebar™ includes 5 removable dividers to create multiple variations (sold separately)
  • Removable tray and sidebar that are top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Black tray color with wood grain texture
  • Custom colors available upon request
  • Additional Café Cabana™ stackable trays (sold separately)

The Café Cabana™ trays that are used in the Café Oasis™ Hybrid system are compatible with all major single-serve coffee pod manufacturers. They are not only practical, but essential for coffee pod organization that can fit in any home or office area. The manufacturers include: Keurig®, CBTL®, Illy®, Nescafé®, Nespresso®, Starbucks®, Tassimo® and others.

The Café Oasis™ Hybrid and other coffee pod storage accessories will be making its much-anticipated debut at the 2014 International Home + Housewares Show at McCormick Place in Chicago from March 15-18. Retailers and media attending are invited to stop by Booth #N7764 to view the complete product line.

The MSRP for the system is as follows:

  • Basic system with metal housing and Café Cabana™ K-24 tray is $19.99
  • Each additional Café Cabana™ K-24 tray is $9.99 (sold separately)
  • Each Café Sidebar™ is $9.99 (sold separately)
  • Volume pricing and bundle options are also available

Café Oasis™ Hybrid, manufactured by Limitless Innovations, Inc. puts the convenience back into the coffee drinking experience with their line of coffee pod storage and condiment management systems. Designed with form and function in mind, Café Oasis™ Hybrid allows casual coffee consumers and café connoisseurs alike to take a break from the ordinary coffee sipping experience. With attractively organized single serve coffee pods and condiments, Café Oasis™ Hybrid offers consumers a relaxing “Coffee Tray Getaway™.”


About Limitless Innovations, Inc.

Limitless Innovations, Inc. is a product innovations company engaged in the design and development of various cutting-edge, retail merchandise. Located in Chicago’s Northwest Suburb of McHenry, Illinois, products include and Cafe Oasis™ Hybrid, Cafe Cabana™, CableHub™ and ChargeHub™.

To learn more, visit, e-mail or call toll-free (855) 843-4828.

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