Spiroflow Systems to Showcase Processing & Automation Solutions at the International Powder & Bulk Solids Exhibition 2014

PR #17 PHOTO - CTE BBFMarch 13, 2014 – Monroe, NC – Spiroflow Systems, Inc. will be exhibiting products from its complete line of material handling and automation solutions at the INTERNATIONAL POWDER & BULK SOLIDS Exhibition in Rosemont, IL, May 6-8, 2014. Visitors can visit the company in booth #1721 to preview several models of their various material handling and automation systems.

Products and Services on display include:

Spiroflow Automation Solutions offers automation project services and solutions which include project development, control system design, industrial automation integration, control system migration, HMI design, procurement, start up and long term support across a wide variety of industries. The company’s total solutions offerings include process control, robotics, scales, conveyors, Spiroflow material handling equipment, and more.

CTE Bulk Bag Filler: Spiroflow filling stations are versatile and can be adapted for use with rigid IBCs, drums, or Gaylords. Their range of weighing and filling stations give processors the choice of standard or customized equipment to meet access, height or hazardous considerations. Spiroflow will showcase the CTE (Cone Table Elite) bulk bag filler with its cone table densification system for maximum product densification, higher packaging rates and optimal bag stability.

Bulk Bag Discharger: A full range of 11 different bulk bag discharger designs are available for a myriad of applications ranging from a simple support frame, to a loss-in-weight single trip, low head room, integral hoist, multi-discharger, total containment, dairy, and pharmaceutical needs.

Aero Mechanical Conveyor (AMC): AMCs are one of the most efficient methods of conveying materials in terms of its dust-free and clean handling properties. This type of conveyor is designed and custom-built for the product to be conveyed and ideal for a variety of applications in many industries.

Robotic Palletizing: Spiroflow Systems offers modular robotic palletizing equipment for maximum efficiency. Filled bags, boxes or crates enter a palletizing cell and are then picked from a suitable conveyor to be stacked in any configuration you choose. The associated Robot Cell Control Systems utilize the latest PLC technology.

Cableflow® Tubular Drag Conveyor: Cableflow Tubular Cable Drag Conveyors are a development of our tried and tested Aero Mechanical Conveyors operating with reduced clearances and at reduced running speeds. Cableflow conveyors are designed for gentle material handling and for conveying in multiple planes. They provide complete material batch transfer of bulk products from single or multiple in-feed points to single or multiple discharge points with little or no damage. Because they are derived from our Aero Mechanical Conveyors, they enjoy the option to have our patented DART (Dynamic Automatic Rope Tensioner) rope tensioning system for maximum rope life and minimum maintenance.

PR #17 PHOTO - T3 BBDFor over 40 years, Spiroflow has designed, engineered and manufactured its leading line of powder handling solutions. A worldwide supplier of powder handling engineering and equipment, Spiroflow offers a wide range of standard and custom options for both small and large volume users. Products include bulk bag dischargers and fillers, flexible screw, aero mechanical, tubular cable drag, tubular chain drag, wrap and pneumatic conveyors, box, bag and drum dump stations, robotic palletizing, and the Pacepacker range of automatic packing, pick and place solutions.

Primary markets include food, dairy, snack food, confectionery, beverage, pet food, pharmaceutical, packaging, industrial, chemical, plastics, minerals, cement, water treatment, environmental, waste, and recycling. To learn more about Spiroflow, visit spiroflowsystems.com.


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