— JOCO glass reusable cups wins award at Coffee Fest 2014 —



JOCO cups 12oz RED

MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia – MARCH 17th, 2014 – JOCO cups travelled across the Atlantic to make their USA debut at the 2014 Coffee Fest tradeshow, NYC, March 07 – 09. The three-day event provided the best forum for JOCO to showcase the 8oz, 12oz and 16oz reusable glass cups and limited edition artist series to the local coffee loving community.

Sharing the JOCO story and presenting a smart looking, considerate product also caught the eye of the independent panel of event judges who awarded JOCO first place in the category of best ‘non-consumable’ product. This shiny award was presented to the directors of JOCO cups who were knocked-out by the gesture and buzzing from the upbeat support they received throughout the show. “We were speechless and overjoyed about winning the award.” says Greg Jones, Managing Director of JOCO, “For us, the award symbolises both recognition of our hard work and also appreciation for every aspect of JOCO that we build with passion.“ The praise for JOCO cups extended beyond Coffee Fest to favourable comments and posts across social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from new JOCO cup devotees who attended Coffee Fest. “The response we experienced at Coffee Fest NYC was extremely exciting.” says Jones, “The attending industry embraced the product on all levels. It was also a positive indication of the public’s attitude towards both the environment and good design.“ With award in hand the JOCO team wrapped up a hugely successful visit to Coffee Fest, NYC.

Next on the agenda for JOCO will be attendance at the London Coffee Festival, 03-06 April 2014 (booth no. SR37) followed by the 26th Annual SCAA Exposition in Seattle, WA, April 24-27, 2014.

If you would like to feature JOCO cups in your print or online publication, blog or daily news report all images and written content are freely available by contacting JOCO marketing. JOCO’s philosophy is simple: longevity, flavour & style. JOCO’s reusable, glass cup is the answer to enjoying your takeaway cuppa. Don’t beat up your taste buds. JOCO are the ‘cups that care’.

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Founded in 2010 in Torquay, Victoria, Australia, JOCO is a global brand that believes creative and environmental stewardship does not have to interfere with the pursuit of superior taste — in both coffee and tea flavour, and with everyday life. JOCO strives to cultivate a community of lifelong customers who are united in the idea that, while life should be experienced completely, it should not be enjoyed at the expense of the environment.

By using glass instead of paper, we are reducing the excessive amount of landfill created by the use of non-recyclable, disposable paper cups. By favouring glass over plastic, JOCO has eliminated the intrusive flavour that plastic cups may release into your carefully crafted coffee or tea. These truths make JOCO the ‘Cups That Care’.

Note: For further information about JOCO cups, we invite you to visit our website at www.jococups.com. We also invite you to explore and follow us on facebook.com/jococups, twitter.com/jococups, pinterest.com/jococups, instagram.com/jococups and linkedin.com/company/joco-cups.

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