PLITEK Announces the Launch of PV-25-FV


Chicago, Illinois –PLITEK is excited to announce the launch of PV-25-FV, the only pressure sensitive one way degassing valve with integrated filtering base.

PV-25-FV’s care¬fully designed struc¬ture inhibits cof¬fee grounds from enter¬ing the valve and inter¬fer¬ing with its func¬tion¬al¬ity. It is one in a line of PLITEK’s many prod¬uct gen¬er¬a¬tions that help roast¬ers pro¬vide the best qual¬ity cof¬fee to their customers. One way degassing valve with filtering base has been trademarked under patent # 8,636,034.

PLITEK will officially showcase PV-25-FV at SCAA 2014 in Seattle, booth 9012.

In conjunction with the current line of PLI-VALV one-way degassing valves, PLITEK also offers valve applicator systems that can be integrated on customers’ packaging machinery providing full customer support and simplifying the source of degassing systems.

For over 20 years, PLITEK’s one-way degassing valves have enabled coffee roasters to eliminate bulk degassing from their operation and preserve the freshness and quality of their coffee. With billions used world-wide, our valve technology is proven to allow freshly roasted coffee to naturally degass inside of hermetically sealed packaging while providing effective barrier to environmental oxygen, moisture, and contaminants.


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